Yu Mingjia’s reputation in the entertainment industry is not very large, it is not the type of red and purple, but her acting skills are recognized and can be regarded as old drama. In addition to acting, she Every time I participate in the event, we often become templates that many people follow. This time, wearing sweaters and hip skirts, showing a perfect figure.

Yu Mingjia’s styling analysis;

Slim knitwear -comfortable and not meat

Although Yu Mingjia is thin but has a curved sense, wearing sweater with bags and hip skirts, the proportion of figure is too perfect. Yu Ming added a slim sweater in half body. The knitwear is not only a slim on the style of the style, but it will not show the effect of too much meat because it is too tight. The curve of the origin will not reduce the comfort.

Pink sweater+black printed skirt

In the color matching of the body, you can use a complementary color matching to present a visual sense of visual richness. The pink sweater of the upper body uses a refreshing and soft color matching method to present the right age reduction effect. The hip skirt is both stable and increased. It is matched with exquisite red printing, showing a sufficient sense of color in the color matching of the body.

Bao hip skirt -outline the perfect waist and hip ratio

The hip -shaped skirt can outline the perfect waist and hip ratio. This style of skirts on the body are very high. If the shape is not well -proportioned The skirt can be supported, but for the young ladies and sisters with the perfect figure proportion of Yu Mingjia, this style of skirts can highlight the advantages of the figure to the extreme.

Red pointed high -heeled shoes -wearing femininity

Yu Mingjia is paired with a pair of big red pointed high -heeled shoes on his feet. The bright big red can show a visual richness and brightness in terms of partial matching. The femininity is vividly presented.

Short up and down -wear long legs

If you want to wear long legs, you must know how to use the matching method reasonably, shorten the proportion of the upper body, and at the same time extend the proportion of the legs. When you wear The proportion of figure shows a perfect three -seven points. This kind of matching method is especially suitable for those petite girls, and it is very practical.

Analysis of other styling of Yu Mingjia:

Printed suit skirt

On the basis of white, it is paired with a little pink printing element to decorate. It can be wearing a refreshing sense and can show a visual richness through the small prints of partial matching. This suit is used in the design of the style. The tailoring design of the model shows the combination of a combination of a sense of interest and femininity.

Bean paste color slim dress

Bean paste -colored dresses can be worn on mature women, which can show a dazzling effect. At the same time, mature women can look younger and energetic. In addition to the color matching in color matching, this dress is very bright. A moderate self -slim design method is also used to show the effect of highlighting the body curve.

Black semi -see -through dress

Basic black dress is very versatile and practical, but the basic black with conventional style design usually does not have too many highlights. Wearing it on the stage or on the red carpet is less eye -catching effect. In order to increase the effective matching effect, you can try more combined with some moderate exposed matching methods or a little perspective fabric to present the sexy of mature women with a looming match.

Although Yu Mingjia is not a popular female star in the entertainment industry, her clothes are much stronger than many front -line female stars, especially on the stage, which can be called the female star stage wearing template.

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