When the world was shocked by the tragedy of two Afghanists from the fall of the US military aircraft, the United States had an e -commerce platform selling T -shirts printed with this picture, causing public opinion.

The T -shirt sold on the US e -commerce platform is printed on the scene where Afghan people fall from the US aircraft. Pictures from the network

On August 16, Kabul Airport was chaotic. A large number of Afghan people who tried to escape Kabul rushed into the runway and climbed the US military aircraft who were preparing to take off. The video screen shows that after the military aircraft took off at the Kabul Airport, two black shadows fell from the plane. A witness at the airport said that they found two remains on the roof of the neighbor.

This tragic picture was designed as a T -shirt pattern, and the designer even paired with a copy on the T -shirt: “Kabul’s skydiving club, 2021”. Some netizens have scolded this kind of design “Extinction” and “disgusting”!

The picture shows the screenshot of this T -shirt on the Youbutu website.

Holly Dagreis, a researcher at the Atlantic Council of the American Think Tank and an Iranian American, said: “When the Afghanist fled and grabbed the plane tightly out of despair, someone decided to use their pain and tragedy to sell them. Money, design this disgusting T -shirt … It is now sold on at least 6 printing T -shirts. Human beings can be so cruel. “

The picture shows the tweet of the American Think Tank Atlantic Council and the Iranian American Holly Dagres.

There are many netizens commented under Dagres’ tweets:

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the director of West Asia, said: “The most painful and heartbroken scenes created by Americans when they escape Afghanistan have become a T -shirt … This is really the fall of human nature!”

The picture shows the tweet of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Director of the West Asian Department of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Some netizens put the picture of this T -shirt with one of its selling platforms on Twitter, and the “community standards” of the American e -commerce platform ETSY, and said ironically, “Their criteria are just talking.” Etsy Proclaimed the “zero tolerance” of supporting and promoting hatred and violence.

Netizens have issued criticisms to criticize the US e -commerce platform ETSY against its “community rules” to allow merchants to sell this tie.

After speaking, ETSY has withdrawn this product, but there are still American e -commerce platforms selling this dress.