The electric heating table cushion is very popular in winter

But many people are also worried

Harm of electric heating table cushions

It will affect health. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction of the electric heating table cushion. After reading it, you will understand.

Is the electric heating table safe? The harm of electric heating table cushions is not great?

1. About the problem of leakage

电热桌垫在冬天很受欢迎 那电热桌垫的危害大不大?

A few words were simply mentioned in the principle of heating. Its thin layer was protected by insulators, so even if the water cup was turned over, the water in the cup was completely sprinkled on the cushion, which would not cause leakage to leakage. The situation, of course, you can’t soak this thing in the water all day? Therefore, from the perspective of the leakage, although it is impossible to be defensive, it can still be over. At least the safety factor is much higher than the electric blanket.

2. Questions about radiation

电热桌垫在冬天很受欢迎 那电热桌垫的危害大不大?

Many people are worried about radiation, especially when they are in office, they dare not sit in front of the computer when they are pregnant. The radiation source of the electric heating table cushion is his electric film layer. Many, so don’t worry, its radiation leads to damage to the body.

In summary, electric heating table cushions are still more reliable as a whole, belonging to a relatively molding product. The harm of the electric heating table cushion is not enough, so everyone can use it with confidence.

What are the precautions for electric heating table cushions?

There are no 100%safe electrical appliances, especially products that can be directly contacted with the skin like an electric table pad, and it is necessary to read precautions with cautious reading.

1. The cushion cannot be bent

电热桌垫在冬天很受欢迎 那电热桌垫的危害大不大?

This is a fault that many people are easy to make. Many people are strange. They obviously have no bend? The bend here is not the same as the paper, but as a table cushion. The desktop specifications of the table are also bent, which will affect the heating of the heating film, and even directly lead to damage.

2. No coverage

电热桌垫在冬天很受欢迎 那电热桌垫的危害大不大?

When in front of the computer desk, people often cover it with some books, which also causes it to cool down during the use process, which eventually leads to internal component burning and short circuit. Of course, the mouse keyboard is no problem, and the base of the computer is not good.

3. No pet squatting

Many people like to talk about the table cushion in front of the computer table at home, and some friends who like cats often have less obedient cats at home, especially in winter. If the home does not turn on the air conditioner, they like to drill in a warm place. For example, when you play your computer, you like to stay next to the host. If you have a table cushion, cats like to squat on a warm table cushion. In fact, this is still, because pet claws are sharp and easy to tear the insulating layer above the insulation layer above Essence

The above is the introduction of the decoration network about the electric heating table cushion. After reading the hazards and precautions of the electric heating table cushion, I do n’t know if you have a new view of the electric heating table pad? I hope that the sharing of the editor will be helpful to everyone, and I wish you all a happy life.

The electric heating table cushion is very popular in winter