When the weather is good, I also want to ride a bicycle to get off work to increase my exercise amount. However, the mountains riding a bad street are not so cool. Too time a beautiful and particular bicycle is too time -consuming? Savorello rescue you!

Savorello launched a classic coffee car. The vehicle design is not only retro, but also particularly particular.


The structured bicycle must use copper welding like Savorello, which is the same method as the old phoenix and old flying pigeons we are familiar with when we were familiar with. Not only does it look retro, it also guarantees the intensity of the most important part.

The material of the frame uses chromium molybdenum steel, which is close to the strength of the old -fashioned manganese steel, but it is much lighter than manganese steel. At the same time as a decrease in weight, the enhancement of corrosion resistance allows the frame to ban the baptism of the years.

The customized leather seat bag is equipped with the seat. It is not so particular about the special bag brand and can be matched by itself. If you have to pursue the original British flavor. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence You still have to buy a Brooks to match.

As a consumable, the tires use 26*1/3 /8 inches to build a large white side tire, the steameno tooth, and the inner three speed. In order to retro, Savorello was equipped with a LED light in front of the car. It is often light and not much electricity, and you don’t have to worry about the winter of Wangzhuang Road. The most important thing is, good -looking! nice! nice! The important thing to say three times!




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