In the jewelry industry, in addition to international luxury brands, domestic brands, our domestic products are also very interesting. In the future sharing, it will gradually increase domestic product products and personalized shop sharing. Beautiful jewelry is like flowers, deserves appreciation and own.

Mabeel knows this brand. There are some complexs. The jewelry in the classic Hong Kong drama “Pearls and Treasures” is sponsored by their family.

Diamond brands with a sense of Buddha’s sense, the elegance of some old port winds on the product is mixed with lime -like freshness and the sweetness of strawberries. Regardless of political affairs, in terms of product style itself, Mabeel has its own unique tone.


Mabeel’s main diamond jewelry, which is based on diamond earrings. The theme series is representative is the butterfly series and high -end positioning The Leo Diamond series. Leo diamonds are also quite interesting. 82 diamonds are cut to completely reflect the light, which is more shiny than traditional diamonds.


But what we want to share today is not these, but a few representative diamond earrings.

Mabeel diamond earrings are uniquely representative, a simple earrings, 0.09 carat diamonds, comment by netizens, wearing good -looking, fashionable and exaggerated, girlfriends are exaggerated, let’s take a look.


Blossoming a little earrings

Very chic and small earrings, the rose gold is beautiful, the shape is very creative, very chic, exquisite, unique and cute, and Bu Ling Bu Ling is particularly beautiful.


Earrings are 18K gold, there are two types of white and rose color, platinum elegant, rose gold, and only about 0.66 grams;

6 diamonds, 0.09 carats, use bright cutting round diamonds, round beads 4 claws inlaid, heart -shaped metal noodles are polished and polished, diamonds are firmly flat, and diamond effects are full.


Unilateral earrings style, fine workmanship, good -looking, fashionable but not exaggerated, very chic and careful.


20*5mm size, the actual size is suitable, suitable for long -term wear, not exaggerated, but also attracted at a glance.


However, the rear needle is relatively tight. Girls with thick earlobe are difficult to wear. They have to bring a little bit. It is not easy to crooked, but it is not easy to fall off.

Such a style with a suit can increase women’s elegance. With skirts, it is more delicate and gentle, and it is still very practical and versatile.



Snowflake six -claw earrings

A high -end and exquisite earrings are very beautiful and flashed. Netizens said that it was pasteless when taking pictures too flash, simple and versatile, but outdated.


The earrings are very beautiful, and the small diamonds are stitched into the shape of snowflakes, and the classic six surrounds and one structure. This structure is a god -like existence in the group inlaid jewelry.

The classic siege inlaid has good effects.

For such a snowflake nail, some friends will find a pairing stone necklace or ring.

18K platinum material, gold weight of about 1.42 grams, a pair of 14 grains of 0.24 carats, about 5.5*5.5mm in size. Wearing BlingBling on the earrings, the earrings are very delicate. At first glance, it looks simple and atmospheric. Looking closely, it is found that the earrings are composed of 7 diamonds. The shape of the snowflakes is exquisite and beautiful, small but very sunny.

With very temperament, compared to the simple 4 and 6 diamond earrings, it looks much larger and the brightness is also good, because there are many diamonds, 7 pieces, very bright, delicate, very delicate, especially suitable Women who don’t like too exaggerated are suitable for wearing on weekdays, and it looks good with any clothes.


Suitable for single -wear, four -claw diamond earrings applicable to men and women

Classic simple round beads four -claw diamond earrings, 18K platinum, gold weighing about 0.53 grams, 1 diamond, weighing about 0.12 carats, although only 12 points, but it is very flashy.

The classic diamond earrings, some friends will match a heart -shaped earrings to increase interest. They can also be worn with ear rings. Although not large, it is still very suitable and flash.


The most important thing for diamond shining is to pay attention to cutting, and cutting can be more shining.


Simple 6 -claw diamond earrings

It still uses 18K platinum as the main material, weighs about 1.4 grams, and 6 claws are inlaid with two bright cutting round diamonds, weighing about 0.08 carats.

Different from the average 6 -claw earrings, this 6 -claw earrings have a layer of metal ring on the periphery.

Beaded texture

Decoration, that is, it is a great sense of exquisiteness.

The beauty of a piece of jewelry is not only the beauty of the outline, but the processing of details is a bonus.


Looking at jewelry, you must look at the details. The more you love the more love is true love.


The simple four diamond earrings are low -key but are suitable for daily wearing styles. It is versatile and high -level. Even if there is only 0.09 carats, wearing good looks, fashion is not exaggerated, and girlfriends will exaggerate the style and share it with everyone.