[Watch House Watch Recommendation] What do you value most when buying watches? Some people pay attention to design and some people pay attention to the price. I personally think that the accuracy of the time is one of the important indicators of table selection. Generally speaking, the Watch certified by the Swiss Observatory is more accurate than the conventional models and the price is relatively high. However, with the development of watchmaking technology, lower budgets can also buy outstanding performance of the Observatory watch watch. Essence Today, we bring you several new watches. They are all certified by the Swiss Observatory for everyone to choose.

Famous Watch Clonon Series 10699 Watch

Product model: 10699

Domestic public price: ¥ 23700

Watch diameter: 40 mm

Case thickness: 11.3 mm

Movement type: automatic machinery

Case material: stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

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The Cleton series BAUMATIC COSC Observatory watch launched in the past two years has been well received by many players. The new Burgundy red disk on the new Burgundy red disk some time ago is also eye -catching. From the appearance point of view, this watch continues the basic design of the series. Silver trapezoidal rivet -type timing, slender Alpha -shaped pointer, white time time circle, and white cross lines symbolizing the Swiss Observatory certification. These elements are particularly sucking. eye. Its biggest highlight is that the dial is designed as a gradient Burgundy red style, and the red redness of the center gradually becomes black with the outer edge, which retains the bright colors and will not be excessive. In terms of performance, the BM13 1975A COSC movement equipped with this watch can provide up to 120 hours of power storage with a waterproof depth of 50 meters. In addition, it also has the accuracy of 1500 Gaussian anti-magnetic and -4/+6s, ranking among the forefront of the same price watch.

Tudor leading submarine series M25707B/22-0001 watch

Product model: M25707B/22-0001

Domestic public price: ¥ 29200

Watch diameter: 42 mm

Case thickness: 12.75 mm

Movement model: MT5602


C case material: titanium

Waterproof depth: 200 meters

The major brands have launched a lot of popular models in 2021, and the Tudor leading the submarine FXD is one of them. It was developed by Tudor Watch and the French Navy Frog Special Forces Yubel Assault Team, designed for divers. Compared with the conventional submarine -type watch, this watch has made a number of improvements and innovations. Its case is made of a whole titanium metal and is paired with a two -way rotating bezel. Essence It is worth mentioning that the 3 o’clock position of the naval blue watch disk has not set up the date window, and the text description at 6 points has also been reduced from the five elements to the four lines, which retains the market integrity to the greatest extent. The watch is equipped with the original MT5602 automatic string movement of the Tudor Watch. This movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory and can provide about 70 hours of power storage with a waterproof depth of 200 meters.

Boer Speed ​​Warrior Series DM3120C-SCJ-BE watch

Product model: DM3120C-SCJ-BE

Domestic public price: ¥ 23980

Watch diameter: 41 mm

Case thickness: 14.8 mm

Movement model: Ball RR1803-C

C case material: stainless steel, two -way rotation Super Luminova luminous coating aluminum alloy label

Waterproof depth: 100 meters

The last watch recommended for you today comes from the Bol Speed ​​Warrior Series. It is a watch with a variety of functions. The overall watch is red and blue, and the internal and external bezels are display and tidal time display. The two cooperate with each other. This shows the time of 14 days of tide rising. The lower part of the dial is displayed in the moon phase composed of micro -airlights. It can accurately display the changes in 8 monthly phase profit and loss. Both sex. Through sapphire crystal glass, we can appreciate this Ball RR1803-C movement certified by the Swiss Observatory, which provides a strong guarantee for accurate recording of the tidal time.


The three watches recommended for everyone today are new watches launched in 2021. They not only have the high accuracy of the Swiss Observatory certification, but also excellent in other aspects. Follow it.

Movement type: automatic machinery

Movement type: automatic machinery

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Watch watch review: