Hello everyone, I believe that everyone should have eaten a small hot pot. In the past few years, they have been everywhere in each township. Some are pressed by the string, and some can be eaten directly.

The way of eating the skewers is usually one yuan and one string, and the meat is two yuan a string. This looks really cheap. Many people think about selling shops like this?


In fact, after entering the store, it usually costs 5 yuan. In fact, it is soup to add some pepper oil, which becomes a small hot pot. Generally, if you eat it, you are hungry. Basically, each person still needs to reach thirty or forty Yuan.


This is not cost -effective to look at cheaply to eat expensive, and drink some water or something. If there are many people, it is better to go to a hot pot restaurant to eat! What do you think?

cost analysis

The number of self -service general waiters with a relatively small manpower cost will be relatively small, mainly to close the plate and dishes; the requirements for chefs will also be relatively low, so it will not be as high as other catering industry requirements. You can configure it in advance, so if you are personnel, you will have more advantages (after all, you can save at least 2,000 yuan by reducing a person, which is still more cost -effective.);

The cost of raw ingredients, vegetables: Vegetables are mainly home -cooked vegetables, and there are more vegetables or cheaper vegetables in the season. Anti -seasonal vegetables are relatively expensive. It is estimated that there are very few authentic beef and mutton. After all, the cost is limited, such as meat slices. Frozen pork belly with meat rolls is cut into slices of wine: drinks are mainly soda, fruit juice and beer. , So the cost is low. Fruits: mainly based on ordinary fruits such as banana and orange grapefruit. After all, wholesale will not be particularly expensive;


People, stores, and general self -service categories will pay more attention to the traffic. After all, it is charged according to the head of the person, and if the discount is strong, the current group purchase consumption is more likely to drive more people to consume. Now most of the buffets restrict the meal time for two hours, and the business hours are relatively long. In this way, if the traffic is large, the utilization rate of each seat will be higher, and more income will be brought. Half of the local area will be on the second or third floor. In this way, rents will definitely be reduced. After all, it is more money to save money!

Personal flow+cost -effective+characteristic+cost control, as well as delicious hot pot bases must be dripped! In this way, 25 yuan buffet can still make money!