Pick a sports underwear that can protect the chest and comfortable and wears at the same time during exercise is really important!


This time, I evaluated the 40 sports underwear of 30 brands. Which is the most breathable? Which one is the most shocking? Look down!

Sample situation

In order to understand the performance of related products and help consumers to buy suitable sports underwear, this comparative test purchased 30 brands and a total of

40 sports underwear products

Among them, 25 women’s sports underwear (bras), 15 sports tops such as men’s sports vests, T -shirts, sweater, etc., not only covering sports brands such as adidas, Nike, but also traditional underwear brands such as ancient and modern, Mannifang, and other traditional underwear brands. Involved in fast fashion brands such as H & M and Uniqlo. The price ranges from 39 yuan to 595 yuan.

This comparison test focuses on the comfort, wearing resistance and functionality of consumers when buying sports underwear:

▲ Refer to the relevant national standards to test the fiber content, light -resistant sweat compound coloring, soap resistance coloring fastness, bacteriostatic effect;


▲ Adopt a unified detection method. For the structural characteristics of men’s and women’s sports underwear, the breathability and stability of women’s samples (underweight pressure, shoulder strap stretching rate, shoulder width) and the breathability of men’s samples are , Testing and evaluating the performance of extension (stretching elasticity) and the performance of hygroscopic quick -drying;


▲ Considering the characteristics of consumers’ usage, the loss rate such as changes in appearance, bottom fence, and stretching elasticity after the washing 10 times was tested.

Test Results

The results of this comparison test show:

The coloring and bacteriostatic of all samples have been tested.

The breathability and stability of women’s samples are obvious.


Men’s samples also have a lot of differences in ductility, breathability, and moisture absorption.


After the water washed 10 times, a sample printing site dropped off, and the difference between the bottom fence and the stretching elastic loss rate between the samples were more obvious.

The specific results are as follows:

25 ladies sports underwear products results scoring table

15 men’s sports underwear products results scoring table

1 color fastness, bacteriostatic:

All samples pass the test requirements


In this comparison test, referring to the relevant standards, the fiber content, light -resistant sweat complex color fastness, soap resistance coloring fastness, and bacteriostatic effects were tested.

Detect results show

All samples are tested through color fastness and bacteriostatic testing, of which

The bacteriostatic rate of 7 samples reaches more than 90%, and the bacteriostatic effect is excellent.

Samples with a bacteriostatic rate of more than 90%


In terms of fiber content, 39 samples are well performed. There are only 1 sample, namely the women’s high -intensity support corset (nominal trademark: ASESS; nominal nominal; nominal nominal; nominal Style number: 2012a350) The fiber content is identified as “74%polyester fiber 26%nylon”, and the actual detection result is 73.5%polyester fiber 26.5%spandex.

2 Stability and breathability test:


The difference between women’s sports underwear samples is large


Excessive chest shaking during exercise can easily cause chest pain. Many women’s sports underwear (bras) on the market claim that “shock absorption”, “prevent shaking”, and “strong support”. This comparison test is based on this

Flip perfection (bottom fence pressure), shoulder strap stability (stretching of the shoulder strap), shoulder band width

Test test.

Related shock absorption, prevent shaking, and strong support related publicity

Related standards,

The pressure of the bottom enclosure should be greater than 7.5N (open deduction)/8.5N (set). If the pressure is too small, the underwear and the body may be relatively slippery and cannot play an effective protective role.

The elongation of the shoulder strap reflects the elongation of the shoulder strap. The smaller the elongation rate, the better the effect of shock absorption support during exercise.

The wider the shoulder strap, the smaller the pressure on the shoulder of the human body.

Fixing fixation (bottom enclosure pressure): The bottom fence pressure of 25 samples meet the standard requirements,

The maximum value reaches 54.8N and the lowest is 19.0N, of which 14 samples are above 30n. Sports underwear (bras) with such a bottom are more suitable for wearing in high -intensity sports such as running and balls;

The stability of the shoulder strap (the stability of the shoulder strap): The stable stability of the shoulder strap is the minimum dysfunction rate of only 4.9%, and the highest is 55.5%.

5 samples are within 10%, 12 samples are between 10-30%, and 8 samples exceed 30%;

Shoulder bandwidth: The widest shoulder strap reaches 54 mm, and the narrowest is only 9 mm.


The 11 samples are more than 30 mm, 7 samples are between 20-30 mm, 5 samples are between 10-20 mm, and 2 samples such as nominal samples are only 9 for the shoulder band width of eternal business. Millimeters, close to the shoulder width of ordinary bras, and more sexy appearance, but it is not recommended to wear during strenuous exercise, so as not to cause excessive burden on the shoulder.


The 4 samples below can reach 5 stars, and the stability is better.


Stability evaluation of 5 stars to a sample of 5 stars


The cups of sports underwear (bras) are often added with thicker cushions. Consumers pay particular attention to the breathability of the goods when buying.

The maximum breathability among 25 sample samples is 243mm/s, and the lowest is only 33mm/s, of which

4 pieces

The sample is more than 200mm/s, and the permeability evaluation star reaches

5 stars


A breathability of the star with 5 stars

The 9 samples are between 75-200 mm/s, and the breathability of 12 samples is below 75mm/s. The breathability star is only 3 stars. Samples with poor breathability are often selected in the use of cup fabrics. At the cushion or multi -level material, consumers are easy to feel sultry and discomfort when wearing exercises.


The breathability evaluation star has only 3 stars samples


1. Can’t blindly pursue low prices or brands

Sports underwear must not only be beautiful, but also have corresponding functions to protect the body. This comparison test found that the function and price did not have obvious positive correlation. Therefore, when buying sports underwear, you cannot blindly pursue low prices or brands. It is recommended to try through, the goods are more than three, and choose the product that suits you.

2. Pay attention to practicality and take care of beauty

When selecting sports underwear (bras), women should first confirm the bust size and try to choose the full cup of bra. Do not choose half a cup or other exposed branches because of greed. In addition, different sports underwear (bras) should be selected according to the intensity of the sports, such as running and balls such as high strength, it is recommended to choose sports underwear (bras) with high pressure on the bottom. Sports of intensity can choose sports underwear (bras) with relatively low pressure pressure.


Men can choose products according to exercise when choosing. For example, those with large amounts of exercise can choose products with hygroscopic and quick -drying functions. Those who are long -lasting may choose products with sweat and bacteria.


3. Try to penetrate before buying

Women must not only try to penetrate before buying, but also suggest that they can wear a jump. The shoulder strap should not be too tight. The bottom fence, cup, and shoulder strap should provide appropriate support for the chest. It is recommended to buy products with non -slip glue pads to reduce friction in exercise.

Men can do more stretching movements when trying to penetrate, and feel whether the clothing will contain the body and affect the performance of the movement.

4. Various information should be complete and clear

When buying sports underwear, consumers should pay attention to the instructions of the use (that is, the commodity tag), which should include fiber composition and content, maintenance method, quality level, precautions, etc. When buying functional sports underwear such as hygroscopic and drying, you need to carefully check whether its instructions indicate the corresponding functions. Do not blindly listen to the sales. After purchasing, the voucher should be kept in order to serve as a basis for rights protection when disputes or quality problems occur.


5. Purchase updates in time

Due to the high frequency of washing the underwear, the fabric relaxation is more likely to be relaxed after washing. It is recommended that consumers set a reasonable replacement cycle on their own sportswear. A more important replacement signal is to see if the tightness of the clothes to the body wraps the body is smaller. Essence Consumers can buy updates in time according to the frequency they use and the purpose of sports underwear.


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Detect results show

Detect results show