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A fashionable young lady was taken on the street, the younger sister was wearing

Exquisite long -sleeved printed dress, with transparent high -heeled sandals, doubles the styling gas field, elegant and sweet, full of temperament.


Long -sleeved dress

It is especially suitable for the spring and autumn season. In the street shooting, we often see girls wearing long -sleeved dresses. Their elegant shapes are also very good and feminine. The long -sleeved dress is not only very warm, but also can easily cope with the temperature difference between the morning and evening of spring and autumn.

Large -area printed dress

, Wearing a trace of national style, the texture of chiffon, it will be very elegant, and it will look very refreshing. The light pink, the girl is full of heart, the pink has a certain age reduction effect, and it seems that the whole person is more pink. The design of the deep V -neck looks like the neck of the younger sister is slender. The neckline also stitches the design of lotus leaf, which is sweeter. The design of the waist, showing the good figure of Miss Sister. The length of the skirt is above the knee, and the beauty is good.


Light -colored printed dress, sweet and gentle, with a pair


Transparent high -heeled sandals

It is very young and elegant. A different kind of charm on a mature woman is also a chic and elegant elegance.


The lady’s straight shawl hair is really beautiful and sweet, with a new height. Round splicing streaming


It is very design. Long earrings can not only extend the facial lines, but also highlight the delicate makeup. The silver earrings are shining in the sun, very attractive, walking on the street, and easily becoming the focus of everyone.

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