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Nowadays, there are more and more channels for fitness. As long as you choose a way that suits you, you can effectively play the effect of exercise.

Exercise does not have to go to the gym. Outdoor or outdoor can be a place for fitness.

If you have no conditions to go to the gym to exercise, you can also choose home exercise and carry out weight training at home. It is recommended that you choose dumbbell equipment.


Dumbbells are the most flexible and convenient home sports equipment.


The volume of dumbbells is small and does not take the volume, but it can effectively exercise various muscle groups, prevent muscle loss, promote calorie consumption, prevent fat accumulation, enhance their body lines, and harvest firm and good figures.

The temperature in winter is relatively low, and most people are unwilling to go out to exercise. At this time, we can conduct dumbbell training at home. Different dumbbells have different exercise exercises. For example, squats, bow squats exercise are hip -leg muscle groups, rowing, durrules exercise back muscles.

Dumbbell training can exercise major muscle groups, help you create good -looking back lines, full hips, and tight long legs to increase your body proportion.


The growth of muscles can also effectively improve the body’s basic metabolic value, allow you to consume more calories every day, inhibit the accumulation of fat, and achieve the effect of fat burning.


During the process of dumbbell training, bone growth can also be stimulated, bone density, preventing muscle loss, and keeping you young physical condition, abundant strength level, and effectively resist the coming of aging.

Dumbbell training is a thing that needs to be adhered to. It cannot be rushed to achieve success. The growth of muscles takes time. A person can only increase by 0.5-1kg in one month. If you want to harvest the transformation of the body For more than 3 months, maintain the frequency of 2-3 times a week.


During the fitness training, you can just choose a dumbbell training of 3-5kg. We must pay attention to learning the standard trajectory of the action, learn to make the right force, and don’t rush to conduct heavy training to reduce the chance of injury and more efficient exercise.

Let’s share a set of dumbbell training suitable at home,


Each action is 10-15 times, repeat 4 groups, and exercise once every 3 days.

Action 1: Leading over the dumbbell rowing

Action 2: Standing posture dumb bell side lifting

Action three: Standing dumbbells alternate hammer bending

Action 4: Dumbbell diamond bench press

Action 5: Dumbbell Sobes squat


Action 6: Dumbbell straight leg dump

Action seven: one -arm dumbbell sway

Action eight: Dumbbells high

Action nine: step stools in steps

Several precautions:


1. Do a set of warm -up action joints before dumbbell training to promote blood circulation and let you find the state of exercise. After training, make a set of stretching movements to relax muscle groups, which can relieve congestion and promote muscle repair.


People with a body fat rate of more than 20%, arranged 3-5 aerobic exercise brushing fat per week, such as skipping, opening and closing, running, and playing. Meat, at the same time training muscle lines.


3. If you can stick to this group of dumbbell training for more than 2 months, it means that your self -discipline is still relatively high. Two -month stress training will improve your strength level. At this time, we can increase weights, give muscle greater stimulation, and avoid muscle development into bottlenecks.