The weather is getting warmer and the air is filled with summer taste. T -shirts are one of the essential items for summer wear. Although highly practical, it is also the most difficult to wear.

Especially when it comes to middle -aged women, “how to wear T -shirts out of color” seems to be a major problem that needs to be faced every summer. After all, a flat T -shirt is not easy to wear good -looking!


Any eye -catching shape must start with the selection, and the T -shirt is no exception.

It is recommended that middle -aged women remember the following “3 don’t” when wearing a T -shirt. It is stylish and decent, and there will be no suspicion of pretending to be tender!


1. Don’t be too fancy in color

Most women are in middle age, and they are easy to become “visual animals”. They specialize in colorful and colorful items. They want to use high -saturated color schemes to cover up their true age, but I don’t know

Big red and green and other T -shirts with bright colors and sorrowful flowers are more likely to give people a sense of forcibly pretending to be tender.


Therefore, it is recommended that middle -aged women try to choose a style with low color saturation when wearing T -shirts. Preferred conservative color matching

Black and white gray


Secondly, you can consider the high -level color sense

Earth color

If you want to brighten your skin tone and reduce your age, it is recommended to consider


(Dirty powder, smog blue, etc.), fashionable and versatile.

2. Do not have too many decorative elements


Because the T -shirt itself is very common, many styles will add some letters, cartoons and other print elements to the clothes to improve the fashion of the clothes itself.


However, for middle -aged women, it is not recommended to wear T -shirts with too many decorative elements, which can easily produce visual aesthetic fatigue.

Therefore, considering all factors in all aspects, it is recommended that middle -aged women wear T -shirts to choose solid colors. Even if they have decorative elements, their letters, patterns, etc. , Follow

“Choose a small and not choose big”


Basic principles.

Third, do not have too much skin area

Dressing in summer is refreshing and comfortable, while many middle -aged women blindly choose some T -shirts that show their arms and belly in order to pursue the dressing experience. Like exposed umbilical installation, sleeveless T -shirt, etc.,

Although the large area of ​​exposure muscles is refreshing, it also lower the overall image, and it seems that the shortcomings of the body are not decent.

It is recommended that middle -aged women try to choose a loose T -shirt as much as possible. It cannot deliberately increase the exposed skin area to satisfy the comfort of wearing. You can choose special materials to achieve the effect of relieve heat. E.g

Linen, real silk


The T -shirts of the material have their own cooling attributes, which are refreshing and comfortable to wear.


Although T -shirts are highly adapted and very versatile, for middle -aged women, wearing T -shirts should remember the above “3 don’t” principle, so that they can be more advanced ~

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