Plant oil raw materials, no residue, no burden

Handmade cold, original formula

Mild and clean, apply each type of skin

Handmade soap, clean and stable cleaning method

Choosing a bottle of handmade soap is to choose a good health state and more links with nature.

方寸好物 | 手工皂液,清净安定的清洁方式

The mission of each bottle square -inch grass and wood handmade soap,

It is to save the natural state of vegetable oil, bringing a simpler way to clean.

A faint fragrance, clean, sweet, fresh, delicate and rich in the foam, because the plant oil is added, and when rubbing with both hands, I really feel gentle and moisturizing. I like to wash my hands.

Herbal material, less skin burden

The raw materials are very simple. It only requires three materials of plant oil, potassium hydroxide, and water. It does not contain chemical ingredients such as preservatives and surfactants. It is a very gentle skin cleaning product.

Botanical oil is low temperature saponic, mild skin -friendly, and is also very friendly to nature. The wastewater produced will not cause pollution and burden on the environment. Real green low -carbon is not only a ritual, but also a responsibility to the earth.

olive oil:

It contains a rich horned sharkane similar to human skin, moisturizing and moisturizing.

Nut oil:

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E to provide a protective barrier for the skin.

Sweet almond oil:

Contains a variety of vitamins, gently lubricating, nourishing and moisturizing.

castor oil:

方寸好物 | 手工皂液,清净安定的清洁方式

The moisturizing layer is formed on the skin surface, and the moisturizing is more durable. Washing hands every day, it will still not dry.

Bitter orange leaf essential oil:

Regulate the skin and reduce sebum secretion.

方寸好物 | 手工皂液,清净安定的清洁方式

Why choose cold handmade soap fluid

① Gentle “natural surfactant agent

The main difference between hand -cooled soap fluid and cleaning products on the market lies in the difference between “natural active agent” and “artificial synthetic active agent”.

The main component of daily chemical washing products is an artificial synthetic surfactant, which can solve the skin of the skin with water, destroy the sebum protective film, and then dissolve the particle layer of the oil, so that the protective wall is lost and cannot resist the invasion of the foreign body. And penetrate inside the skin.

方寸好物 | 手工皂液,清净安定的清洁方式

People who often come into contact with such cleaning products are commonly dry and rough, fingering angle cortex, etc., which has a certain relationship with artificial synthetic active agents.

*References [Please refuse to use the product of the cleansing active agent], [About the synthetic interface active agent]

The cold handmade soap is considered a “natural active agent” and belongs to the fatty acid pine -ion active agent, which is easily decomposed.

This natural weak alkali is automatically adjusted by the body and the skin, and the irritation of the skin is much safer in all aspects.

② Plant glycerin content is 25%

There will be glycerin generation during the low temperature saponation process of vegetable oils.

方寸好物 | 手工皂液,清净安定的清洁方式

Glycerin is a specialty oil that can be edible and external.

It can effectively reduce the evaporation of water in the skin and play a significant moisturizing role.

The content of the plants of the planting soap of the bitter orange leaf reached 25%. While gently cleaning the skin, it leaves the skin to protect the skin. There is no residue to wash the hands and will not cause burden on the skin.

③ Washing handwashing hand fluid should not be used as daily use

In the end, it is worth noting that the free washing solution on the market should not replace the way of washing the hand -to wash with “hand washing fluid+flowing water”. There is a certain risk of skin.

In addition, a large and frequent use of professional disinfection agents will also remove the bacteria that are good for health, and the too clean environment will make the immune system “spoil”.

The hand -toiletting solution is one of the ways to clean the hand to remove dirt through mechanical friction and surface active agent.

Wash your hands with flowing water. You should rub your hands for more than 20 seconds at a time to ensure that your palms, fingers, backs, fingers, nails, wrists, etc. are cleaned.

Ancient and low temperature hand -made

The production process of bitter orange leaf skin-friendly hand washing liquid is based on the ancient method. The soap, pigment, and flavors are not added during the production process. It is hand-stirred for several hours.

The soap of the hand washing is born for cleanliness, and some hand -toilets exudes the pungent aroma of synthetic flavors, leaving the smooth and smooth feeling of washing, but there is no good cleaning to care for our skin.

Why not try this bottle of handmade soap that exudes bitter orange leaf fragrance, dense foam wrapped fingertips, slowly wipe the water droplets on the hand, do not feel dry, and a little moist, and a warm aroma.