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How will you face it when your body is out of control? Playing, accident, and aging, it may lead to two incontinence, deprive of an adult’s most basic control for the body.

According to data shows that in 2019, the market size of adult incontinence items reached 9.39 billion yuan, an increase of 33.60% compared to 2018. At present, more than 400 enterprises in the country aimed at the business opportunities, and in the top ten of the Chinese adult incontinence industry, five companies gathered in Hangzhou.

Qianjiang Evening News · Hours Journalists focus on Hangzhou diaper faucet production enterprises, continue to visit the users of diapers, see how to help users eliminate their worries.

Reporter Zhang Rong

Purchase is extremely sensitive to the price, but it is easy to ignore security issues

Zhejiang Zhenqi Nursing Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise earlier in the field of adult diaper in China. In 2004, the company’s business is only for overseas markets, and the products sell Europe and Japan.

“At that time, it is difficult to promote this product in China. Many people have never heard of adult diapers.” Yu Feiying, chairman, recalled. Until four years later, domestic consumers gradually emerged, and Zhenqi immediately opened the domestic market. With the increasing social aging, in recent years, in China, the sales of Zhenqi adult diapers increased by 30%.

But in Yu Feiying, the peak is far from arrival. “Now, there are more than 40 million disabled incontinence people in China, and the market penetration rate of adult diapers is less than 8%, and the market penetration rate of baby diapers has reached 67%.”

Different, Yu Feiying found that Yu Feiying found that consumers were more likely to buy low-priced products, “Many people’s purchase habits are best for children.” It’s almost the same for the old man. They are extremely sensitive to the price of adult diapers, but it is easy to ignore security issues. “

This mentality is not difficult to understand. year. Therefore, although the average production cost of adult diapers is higher than the baby diapers, the price is still lower than the baby diapers.

The monthly overhead of adult diapers is about 300 to 450 yuan.

At present, the price of single-piece adult diapers produced by domestic paper enterprises is between 3 and 4 yuan; and the professional adult diapers produced, and single-piece prices are more than 1 to 3 yuan.

In front of the diapers, although some old people took the first step in accepting, they often be used for the idea of ​​saving. A pair of 85-year-old couples have lived in a public nursing house in Hangzhou. In order to save, Grandpa insisted on only one or two diapers to bring one or two diapers one day. At the beginning of this year, Grandma was unfortunately, and diapers used to use were filled with a whole wardrobe.

In more families, someone will take the diapers in the diapers, and only replace the cost of only one dollar; some people will directly pad the towel, clean it repeatedly;

As a spinal cord injury, the 58-year-old Zhang Jianwen has used diapers for ten years. At the age of 30, he accidentally fell from the roof. From then on, he was paraplegic. He sat in a wheelchair at the end of the crotch.

Until 2011, diapers appeared in his life for the first time, he really got out. In 2014, Zhang Jianwen has developed the first “spinal cord injury database” – Hangzhou Fuyang District spinal cord injury management system. Most of the spinal cord injuries have two quick incontinences. You can note that there are very few people who use diapers in more than 400 spinal cord injuries in Fuyang.

At the end of 2014, Zhang Jianwen founded the Blue World Public Welfare Service Center in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. Since then, the “Blue World Public Welfare Service Center” begins to distribute partial diapers free of the Fuyang District. Zhang Jianwen is still worried. 300 yuan to 450 yuan.

In Shanghai, the community “difficult severe ignorant elderly rescue” project has been run for 12 years, incontinence for the size, life can’t be self-careful, home care, the person’s care products, including nearly 2,000 yuan, including adult diapers, Disposable diapers and bed care pads, etc. The reporter learned that the current policy has not yet been introduced.

Let the incontinence gain more dignity, the future is very broad

Now, from time to time, the store will receive a message from time to time, “Don’t marke adult diapers on the package.”

“Popularization promotion, scientific use, but also to protect privacy.” Yu Feiying said that in the market’s more mature Japan and European and American, urinary wet products have rich forms, some diapers are almost almost different from underwear in shape and body.

“If the diaper is like underwear, will you still use it ashamed?” Yu Feiying believes that this is the product direction of the entire industry needs to think – let the diapers become lighter, more breathable, from the beginning of the design product, You can cancel the psychological burden of the user, so that more people have more dignified to face aging and incontinence.

As a producer of deep tillage diaper, Yu Feying believes that in the future, adult diapers will be more strong as infant diapers.

“Just like the buds, the diaper is a helpless product for excretion, although it is relatively privacy, but it cannot be replaced.” Yu Feiying predicted that after 2025, the demand for adult diapers will truly highlighted.

Reporter Zhang Rong