Coffee table is a common piece of furniture in the living room. The coffee table can store small items in the living room. The coffee table can also be used as a space for placing vase decoration. When the guests come to the living room at home, the coffee table can also be used as a fruit plate. A place for tea set tea cups. Therefore, in most families, the coffee table is still a more practical small furniture. Therefore, when choosing a coffee table, you must fully consider your living room habits in order to choose a practical and convenient coffee table for yourself.


1. What material does the coffee table choose?

① Wooden coffee table


Wooden coffee table is a more common coffee table material. Like the style of simple and young people in Nordic, common coffee tables are light -colored log texture;


▲ Light wood color coffee table.

In American and Chinese -style relatively stable styles, the common coffee table is dark wooden texture.

▲ Deep wood color coffee table.

In light luxury, modern and other decoration styles, coffee tables such as marble and rock panels are also more common choices. Gray rock plates can make the space more modern and low -key, while Yabai’s marble material can make the space look fashionable Elegant and gorgeous.

▲ Stone material coffee table.


2. How to design the appearance of the coffee table?

① Round coffee table

The coffee table is a furniture in the middle of the living room. This is the intersection of the living room activity line. Choose a circular coffee table. There is no corners of the coffee table. The overall feeling is more comfortable, and they will not worry about bumping in the living room. In addition, the appearance design of the coffee table is generally relatively simple and light, which can be easily moved, suitable for small living rooms.

▲ Round coffee table.

② Founded coffee table

The square coffee table can be equipped with each position of the sofa, and the tables of tea sets are relatively sufficient. It is suitable for families that are relatively large in the living room and like to drink tea in the living room. It will be more practical.


▲ Fangshen coffee table.

③ Irregular appearance coffee table

In addition to the square and round, the coffee table also has a triangular oval and irregular alien coffee table design, which is also a more creative choice.


▲ Triangle oval coffee table.

3. Details to be considered in the coffee table

① The corners should be smooth

As a furniture placed in the middle of the living room, the coffee table must be more sharp on the corner. Try to choose the corner to handle smooth styles to avoid bumps and injuries when walking in the living room.

▲ The corner of the arc coffee table is safer and comfortable.

② Do you want to draw drawers


In addition to the TV cabinet in the living room, the location of the TV cabinet is a coffee table. If there are not many storage space in the living room, and if there are people who like to pile up items on the table table, then it is best to choose a drawer style when choosing a coffee table. Things can be stored in the drawer to avoid messy coffee tables.


▲ Coffee tables with drawers can be more stored.


③ The bottom is overhead

Many young people now buy sweeping robots to engage in hygiene, and when the sweeping robot is cleaned, some corners of the corners cannot be cleaned up, and the bottom of the coffee table is also a relatively dirty position. Therefore, if you want to be lazy, remember to choose to choose During the coffee table, to see if the bottom of the bottom is enough to sweep the floor.

▲ The size of the sweeping robot in and out at the bottom of the coffee table.

④ size

The size of the sofa and the coffee table is in principle -the coffee table is as small as possible, and the coffee table size is smaller than the sofa. For example, the three -person sofa, then the maximum coffee table can choose the size of two seats width, so that both sides of the sofa can be more convenient to enter and exit.

▲ Coffee table size is smaller than the sofa.

The coffee table provides us with convenience of storage and daily life, and with the change of young people’s lifestyle, many people consider the design of the coffee table when arranging the living room; if you cannot accept the lifestyle of the coffee table, and you want the living room life It is more comfortable and convenient, so when choosing a coffee table, you must pay attention to these points I mentioned earlier.