At 7 am on January 2, 2019, a major criminal case occurred in a community in Laibao Town, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City. The suspect in the case fled after the crime.


Qin Wende, male, 29 years old, ID number: 452226199012150630, from Xingbin District, Binbin City, lives in Room 2, Unit 1, Ruiliyuan, Laibao Town, Liujiang District., Put on light blue jeans.

If the crowd discovers the suspect Qin Wende, please contact the Liujiang Comprehensive Brigade of the Liuzhou Public Security Bureau of Liuzhou Public Security Bureau to handle the case or directly dial 110.Anyone who provides valid clues and captures the person or directly to the suspect to the public security organs, the public security organs will reward RMB 20,000 and strictly keep them secret.


Contact person:


Police Officer 13977251666

Police Officer Huang 13788722466

Attachment: Photo of the suspect Qin Wende

Source | Liujiang Police