First, understand


Blow or suck

Friends who have never learned the harmonica, please look at Figure 1. You pulled up the metal sheet in the piano observation hole. Some holes can see the rivets (the reed head faces inside), but some holes can be seen To the reed (the reed head facing the outside), remember: “You can see the rivet to suck, and you can see the holes of the reed.” After seeing it clearly, the mouth is tested or sucks with a hole first, and one by one, proficient in the sound of each hole.


Figure 1 Display diagram of reed or rivet in the piano hole

2. Learn the hole corresponding to each sound


After understanding the holes that blow or suck, you must know

The hole corresponding to each sound

Please see Figure 2, practice blowing or suction, proficient in the sound of each hole, after repeated exercises, you can blow or suck the sound after seeing the sound.

Figure 2 The comparison table of holes and sounds

Three, familiarity


After that, you can try to blow the song. If you know the score (notation or five -line spectrum), you can directly learn to blow. If you do not know the score, it doesn’t matter, but it is slower than the score -learning piano. It is recommended to find a song that can sing and very simple, because the song will sing, try to sing the score, and then learn to blow. It should not be difficult to learn. You must be able to learn well.

Fourth, for example: If you are familiar with the “New Year”, if you don’t know the notation, you can sing a few times with the notation below, and then learn to blow. Learning instruments have a great effect on improving sound standards and scores.

Good New Year

Statement: There are many friends who do not know scores to learn from scratch, and they need these knowledge. If you do n’t need to look at it, you want to mention more suggestions and opinions.

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The hole corresponding to each sound