I heard that Xiamen, literature and tourism are more matched!

There is nothing wrong with it. Traveling this year, Xiamen is generally the second in China. The peak season is the disdain of travelers, but it is a battle that is not about to kneel.

PS: On June 10th, it was the last day of the old Xiamen Shabotail. It was transformed since June 11th. I was very fortunate to go to Shapo Tail before the end, leaving precious old Xiamen memories.


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1. Essentials: umbrellas, mosquito repellent flower dew water, backpacks (backpack, because it takes a long time, it will not be too tired);

2. Dress: The weather forecast is basically sunny, the temperature is in the range of 21-35, and occasionally it will rain at night. The temperature is still very standardized in early May. Then you need to add clothes at night. The girl’s clothes have more clothes, especially skirts, trousers to wear, because they have to go far. There is also a sandals and sandals, suitable for taking pictures by the sea.

3. Camera: If you only bring your mobile phone, remember to bring the mobile power, otherwise it will be out of power soon;

4. Prevention: Booking tickets in advance. Wherever the tickets are booked in advance, the ticket to Gulangyu is particularly, booking the ticket 1-3 days in advance, and the booking website www.xmferry.com. Now you can buy tickets on WeChat. Identity card purchase ticket.

5. Traffic and anti -fraud: Three things should be done in advance when you go to Xiamen. Take “Xiamen Hand -painted Map”, download “Mobile Maps”, download “Xiamen Wireless City Palm on Palm”,

地 “Xiamen hand -painted map” Xiamen airport can take free Xiamen hand -painted maps after getting off the plane. (Note: Those who do not take a plane can be obtained at the Dongdu Consultation Desk. There are airport airport express lines on the map and newly adjusted ship tables and Xiamen specialty introductions at the end of 2014. Shouli.com is also a state -owned enterprise, and the tourism content and products are guaranteed. The map is very cute. Many tourists from Xiamen have responded that they will be used as souvenirs).


论 “Mobile Maps” can download one, whether it is Baidu or Gaode, but rely on signals and traffic. In fact, there is a Baidu online map in “I help you” WeChat. It is okay not to download it. Just pay attention to WeChat.

城市 “Xiamen wireless city palm on the bus”, produced by Xiamen Bus Group, inquiring in real -time bus dynamics in Xiamen, is a must -have for travel tools for Xiamen people.

1. Take a photo cartoon puppet


I won’t say anything in advance. After the photo is finished, I will start asking you for money

2. Mango lacks less and less

Roadside mango. Especially tourists who go to Zeng Xun to pay attention, and have been slaughtered before. Black -hearted merchants’ fake outrageous, not to believe in Alipay, etc., buy 20 pounds and send you only 5 pounds.

3. Fake monks

I will give you all kinds of protective characters or other token, and then ask you for money, and meet them directly. The real monk of Xiamen will not be begged at the temple. Formal temples like NP Tuo are very rich.

4. High -priced specialties


The large -scale specialty stores in Zhongshan Street and Gulangyu can ensure the quality but the price is very high. The price of hand -painted maps is better, because hand gift network is also the nature of state -owned enterprises, so there will be no fakes. It is not recommended to buy some brands that have not been heard, and you can check the Internet first. Xiamen old names and well -known specialty products are explained.

5. Small stall fake cigarettes

Many roadside stalls sell fake cigarettes. Usually they sell various Taiwanese cigarettes, such as Sun Yat -sen ..


6. Various seafood shops


When buying, you must pay attention to the detailed price of the seafood. One is one, and it must not be vague, such as approximate, left and right, etc. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether they are missing or less. In the end Wait completely. It is recommended to go to some bigger and more seafood shops to eat, so that the chance of being pitted is relatively low, otherwise it is possible to eat dead shrimp and crab stinky shells dirty fish

7. Black taxis

Don’t sit “black”, in addition to safety, there is price. Open GPS Baidu to take a look at the basic route. In addition to seeing the approximate price, you can also see whether the driver is walking on the fastest route in the car. Remember to make a watch in the car!

8. Black tour guide

For example, after Gulangyu get off the ship, you will ask you if you need a tour guide. Now there are mobile phone maps. You are still afraid of getting lost? The main thing is that they will also introduce you to the seafood halls, gift shops and other high tickets, because you eat the buckle.


■ Journey arrangement:


[NP Tuo] – [Xiamen University] – [Zhongshan Road] – [Living Zengyu]


Zeng Ye strolled —— [Ruandao Road (Bicycles)] – [Woodstill Road Road] – [Xiamen Baicheng Sea] – [Living Du Langyu]


[Gulangyu] -The return trip.


Day1 [NP Tuo] -Playing 1-2 hours


The main entrance of Xiamen University is close to the NPR Temple. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and is one of the Buddhist destinations of southern Fujian.

The Southern Temple is north of the south, and it is built on the south of the mountains. It is large in scale and solemn.

■ ■ ■ ■

Nanta is next to Xiamen University and take a car to [Xiamen University Station]. NP Tuo is mainly a courtyard+temple+five old peaks. Playing is relatively simple


■ ■ 用 ■

1. Tickets: No tickets here, and you can receive a fragrance for free.

2. Climbing: Five Lao Peaks are highly high, you can climb, and you can be afraid of going up.

3. Take pictures: Don’t take pictures of Buddha and Bodhisattva casually. Now the temple taboos this, just take a picture of the location and feel it.

Day1 [Xiamen University] -The play time for 2-5 hours


Located in the center of Xiamen, it is known as “the most beautiful university campus in China”. On April 22 this year, Premier Li Keqiang came to Xiamen Industry to go to Xiamen University for inspection.

Xiamen University Shangxian Farm and Jiannan Auditorium are the iconic buildings of Xiamen University. The naming of the building in the school is also quite particular, such as Ling Yun, Ling Feng, Yingxue, Qianxian, Qunxian, Furong, etc.


Practical: (attached distribution map)

1. Enter: There is no restriction on the entrance period during the holidays. If you have a friend of Xiamen University, you will not have to line up with the student card of Xiamen. Most people still need to enter with their ID cards, queuing, and orderly. There are two open school gates, Qunxian Gate (Ximen) and Da South Gate (NPR).

2. Meal: Recommended at noon to “Furong Restaurant” for dining. On the third floor of the cafeteria, it is open to tourists. The price is fair and does not like to make your money. Personal comparison Xiaolongbao in it. Of course, the most famous on the Internet is the steamed buns of the Qinye restaurant.

3. Literature and art: You must go to the Furong Tunnel and Furong Lake, you must not say much.

4. Qingyou: It is easier to be ignored by Siyuan Valley (also known as Lover Valley), because it is necessary to climb for a while, but it still feels very good after going up. Quiet and quiet, there is a trace of quiet in the downtown, and I am drunk.

5. Route: After swimming at Xiamen University, if the time is late, it is recommended to go directly to Zeng Lao.


Day1 [Zhongshan Road] -Playing 1-3 hours

Along Zhongshan Road is the birthplace of Xiamen Commercial, and is still one of the most prosperous store streets in Xiamen.

Xiamen Zhongshan Road almost gathered in Xiamen’s old -fashioned food, the memories of various specialty stores and old Xiamen …

Zhongshan Road is currently the only commercial street in the country that leads to the sea. The new Nanyang ride building and the luminous LED night scene constitute their unique style characteristics.

■ traffic


(Attached distributed map)


[Airport Express]: T4 Airport-T3 Airport-Waste (opposite to the ferry square) 10 yuan throughout the process)

[Bus Station]: (Zhonghua City Station) (Zhongshan Road Station) (Zhongshan Road Station)

[TIPS]: Zhongshan Road has a developed traffic, not far from important attractions such as Dongdu Cruise Center Pier, Xiamen University, and Zeng Ye. Both bus and hits are fine.

■ ■ ■

[Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street] Lotus Huanhai Oyster Fried, Shao Ziya Gongwan Store, Huang Zehe Peanut Soup Shop, Eight Mother -in -law roasted Xiancao, Lao Sixisha Tea Roast.

[Zhenbang Road] Yuewangsha Tea Noodles (No. 78 Zhenbang Road), Chen Jia dessert.

[Laoming Specialty Products] There are many specialty products for Zhongshan Road. Like other specialty stores on other scenic spots, decoration is brilliant, many miscellaneous cards, especially rich and authentic friends can buy. Or when you buy it, take out the “Xiamen Travel, I will help you”, and finally buy it online. The advantage of buying online is to save time express delivery, or the airport pickups do not need to mention shopping.

[Taiwan Food Street] Opposite the ferry square, the exit of the underground passage on the left. But now it has been withdrawn.


[Datong Road] Xinxia Shrimp Noodles; Lai Lai Hao Bian Bian restaurant; Taro Bao King; Jiushi Beef; Wu Zaijia (Jiawei again);

[Kaiyuan Road] Hengzhu Xiaolongbao (Hengzhu No. 35-There are even small shops in the signboards); Zhenxiang Xiagang Jiewei; Yousheng Snacks; Fukada Liyou Salted Duck;

■ shopping

[Shop] Pedestrian Street, Zhonghua City, Ding’an Night Market.

Ding’an Night Market

Collect all kinds of clothes, pants, shoes, bags. The route is narrow, there are many shops, the price is affordable, and the feeling of offline Taobao stores is like this.

Chinese city

Opposite the Ding’an Night Market, a comprehensive business center. Because the internal space of Zhonghua City is relatively spacious and the design style also has its own characteristics, the skating rink (knife ice) on the 4th floor is the premier of Xiamen. Chain catering and some famous shops.

China City Slide

3 games a day, 60 yuan per person.

10: 00-13: 00; 13: 30-17: 00; 17: 30-22: 00

The following 3 pictures,


The first [Zhongshan Road, Datong Road, Kaiyuan Road] The distribution map of the traffic route


The second picture [Zhongshan Road] Food Distribution Map

The second picture [Datong Road, Kaiyuan Road] Food distribution map

Address: No. 4, Hengxiang, Tuanguan Street

One of the representative snacks in Xiamen is hidden in the city. There are many oysters and fresh. First wrap a layer of sweet potato powder and egg liquid, and then stir -fry. The outside is crispy and tender, and finally dipped in the local sweet and spicy sauce.


Price: 12-20-30

Address: No. 78 Zhenbang Road

Yuewasosa’s tea noodles belong to one of the tourists who must go to food. Every time they go there, there are long teams, and the taste is also excellent. There is a very old store style, of course, the same old store is small (Tucao: Baidu Map positioning to Yuehua! Protest!).

Address: No. 65 Zhenbang Road

Recommended reason: Guiling paste soft Q is smooth, and the sugar water is not added, so that the bitterness of Guiling paste is a bit sweet, setting off the bitter taste ~ the more bitter the bottom of the cup, the more “good “The material sinks”, “good medicine is bitter”, and the essence of the medicinal materials is precipitated at the bottom of the cup of Guiling Populus drugs! The hot and hot journey was hot. After eating Guoling paste, I went out to be cool and refreshing.

PS: When I went to eat, I ordered a honey tortoise cream. Then the store was put on a small pot of honey, which may be because it was too hot and thirsty. Just say this honey water, the taste is really wonderful!

Price: 16 yuan a copy

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(Attached distributed map)