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I finally bid farewell to the rainy day of myma, and came to the sunny spring. It has also reached the most energetic season.

Dressing and matching, of course, can not be dead like autumn and winter, color matching at least looks bright

The preferred match is of course the spring dress of the healing color.

The most important thing is

Choosing the color of the saturation is low, the brightness is high, looks fresh and transparent.

For example: khaki, light blue, apricot, rice white, etc.

These colors are very pleasant feelings.

Spring should take off the winter, replace it with fresh


Let’s share several spring matching below.




A small item in the spring

Relative to common black, Tibetan blue. Apricot and khaki is the exclusive color, clean and comfortable

This time I chose the light blue shirt in the apricot windbreaker, both of which are more shallow color, which is more soft together.


It is not recommended to take a black or too dark color, which is too big. Significant practice has no treatment.

In the windbreaker style, the hood is selected to reduce formal increase in leisure.

Finally, use a bright khaki pants to balance the overall match of the upper and lower

Spring Dika pants are the essential items of the college style, with the clothes such as the sweatshirts, good-looking

Such a matching office worker is also suitable.


Light blue

Last year I recommend the original color denim jacket in the spring. This time I recommend a bright light blue striped jacket, which seems to be more energetic in the spring.

The inner tape can be selected according to the temperature of the temperature, and the cold sweater is hot.


In the following, I chose the most simple water to wash the gray-gray Japanese straight trousers, and you can choose the same color shoes and pants, so that the legs look longer.


If the small partner in the north If the spring is a bit cold, the denim jacket can be stacked inside the windbreaker.




Shallow bean sand green

Before the tooling jacket, it is recommended for military green or Bao blue, but these two colors are hard. The spring healing department is equipped with the preferred shallow sip green or the shallow green (Gray Army).


Colors like grass green are not recommended, more difficult to control.

I personally like to wear the sleeve, which is more spiritual.

The inner is generally a light blue shirt or a round neck white T, which mainly acts as a role. The color can’t be too amazing to avoid grab the green limelier.

Some small partners feel that the shallow utensils are too light and want to choose a deeper green. Here is recommended to be green (ink).

It is not too hard to be too hard. A simple white T is also properly available.


Light Khaki


In addition to rice, I also found a single-breaker shadowa.


It is recommended to choose Oxford spinning white shirts or stripes.

Pants are still khaki.

With the same color but differently, it can increase the sense of visual layers.

For small partners who are not very high, you can choose a short khaki jacket, take a gray dress.

If it is the tooling jacket, you will be put into the jeans and recommend the military green. It is also very good


In fact, shallow cards are equally suitable for the girl with gray, as long as you choose more shallow gray.


A girl with a girlfriend can wear such a color matching couple



off white

Pure white is too refreshing, most people may accept it. But rice is actually easy to do, and it is more refreshing.

The color and styles in this photo are not what I want, and it is a bit military style. In fact, I have to take a single sheet before, and the store said that it is temporary. So didn’t shoot.


In fact, it is a blue shirt that is a blue shirt, and the trousers are recommended on both sides of the non-pockets. This is better, cure.

Similar to the following match, light industrial equipment.

Some images are derived from the network search