The skirt that the little girl wants-retro foam sleeve princess skirt.

Text tutorial:

Finished product size: bust 27cm*2, clothing length 43cm, shoulder width 23cm, sleeve length 14cm, hem enclosure 60cm*2,


The neckline is 13.5cm wide, the front collar depth is 4.5cm, the sleeve shrinkage width 9*2cm, and the sleeve cage 13cm*2.

Tools: No. 12 (2.75mm) ring needle+stick knitting body, No. 14 (2mm) stick knitted collar.

Used: Sisi Family Silk Liney 3 Milk White 3 Milk.

Time: 20 days (the sleeves were woven twice, so slow).

Weaving density: upper body flat needles: 10cm*10CRN = 26.5 needle*34 lines

Lower skirt: 10cm*10cm = 30 stitches*46 lines

Weaving notes (completely woven after all clothes)

First, weaving the skirt part, weaving from the middle.


73+2 stitches from the finger around the needle (2 pins, 1 needle on the two sides of the weaving tablet for suture).


The 12 lines with the original diagram were changed to 14 lines, and 2 rows were weaved in accordance with the rules of illustration.

The weaving pattern is 7 rows (repeated 7 times), and then according to the figure of the weaving skirt, I woven 12 lines, and finally weaving 6 rows of ups and downs.


Use the elastic needle to collect the needle. In the concave place of the dressing of the skirt, it is 3 measuring the needle when the needle is closed, so that the skirt will be flattened.

My elastic needle method: [Weaving 1 needle, flat collection, 1 lap of the line on the right needle, weaving 1 needle reverse, covering the 2 needles on the right needle on the left needle when flat collection].


2 pieces of skirts.

Second, pick the upper body


In the original diagram, the upper body is a single thread needle method. I think it is too thick to woven like this, and the Chinese is not true, so it is changed to 5 positive and 1 -reverse flat needles.

1. Weave first, pick 74 stitches.

Line 1: 1 reverse, 6 positive, [1 reverse, 5 positive]*5, surround 1, [5 positive, 1 reverse]*5, 6 positive, 1 reverse.


Line 2 (negative) began to weave the waist renewal needle, and the return law: 3 stitches in the middle, 2-4-2, 2-3-3, 2-2-9 on both sides.

A total of 30 lines and 35 stitches were rewarded.

After the 28 lines, the pioneer is opened.

The back of the collar is 2cm = 8 lines, and the needle reduction rules: 31 stitches in the middle, 2-2-3 on both sides.

15 stitches on each shoulder = 5.5cm, waiting to suture with the front film.

2. Weaving the front film, pick 74 stitches.

The knitting method of the waist is the same as the rear film.

After 14 lines, the front collar.

The front collar is 5cm = 22 lines, and the needle reduction rules: 13 stitches in the middle, 2-3-2, 2-2-3, 2-1-4, and 2 lines on both sides.


15 stitches on each shoulder = 5.5cm, waiting for suture with the rear film.

3. Two pieces and weaving, suture both shoulders.

Third, pick the neckline

No. 14 needle, 71 stitches in the front, 55 stitches of the back, 6 lines of flat woven, weaving 1 dog teeth needle (2 and 1, 1 around 1), Ping weaving 4 lines,

Then seamlessly sutured the needle on the opposite side.

(While picking a needle, you can bury a thick thread so that you can easily find the corresponding needle when suture.)

Fourth, sleeves (woven with 2 stocks, more transparent)

Sleeve width 25cm*3 stitches = 75 stitches, 10 stitches/patterns B,

On the 12th needle, the finger is around the needle, starting with 81+2 stitches, 2 lines of a positive needle, and 7 rows of patterns B.

Line 10 (reverse), replace the 14th needle, full needle.

Line 11, reduce 4 stitches for each pattern: [(2 and 1)*2, 1 positive, (2 and 1)*2, 1 positive];

Line 11-13, weaving single thread 3 lines.

Line 14 (reverse), full needle.

The 15th row is replaced back to the 12th needle. At the same time, add needles at the original needle reduction position to restore the original needle: 81+2.

The skirt that the little girl wants-retro foam sleeve princess skirt.