After a long time, you will find that some seemingly inconspicuous daily necessities are the key to improving the quality of life. It is necessary to choose carefully, such as dryers.

Lobster hot pot small barbecue, cola red wine snail powder, mouthful of mouth, laundry cremation field. Coupled with the root of the year, the covered, sheets, and various dirty clothes are easy to wash, but drying is a world problem, especially in the wet and cold south. Equal to Bai Gan!

Cheng Dai was stacked on the hanger but couldn’t do it. After drying the clothes for a week, it was still wet and wet, and I could only use the intention to persuade myself, “I have done it.”

At this time, what you need may be just a dryer.

Many people are entangled in many people to buy a drying machine:

Will it dry very slowly?

Will you bake your clothes?

Is it necessary? Is the noise big?

Is it easy to use it every day?

Today, I took my home for a year of 10kg independent washing+10kg independent baking intelligent washing and drying kit as an example. Let’s talk about it from 4 aspects. How easy is the drying machine!

Integrated design, generous appearance


Xiaoji Intelligent Washing and Baking Set uses an integrated innovation design. One up and down stacked, can also be discharged, will not occupy the excess position at home. The cool and large black window of the washing machine occupies 2/3 of the area. The hidden touch interface is integrated in the black window. The LED round large screen shows 11.8cm diameter in diameter, which can be seen clearly. In addition, Xiaoshi washing machines can automatically put laundry fluids and soft dirt according to the weight of the clothes. We only need to put the soft agent and laundry solution into the washing box and soft kit. And when you put it at a time, you can use it for about a month, and it will be automatically prompted to add. Moreover, the large capacity of 10kg can solve a laundry requirements. It is worth mentioning that the drying machine uses the same design as the washing machine, and the overall installation is very neat.

Can dry clothes quickly, but safe without hurting clothes


The drying machine requires accurate temperature control, and Xiaoji drying machine has a built -in humidity sensor, two temperature sensors to monitor the status of the clothes in real time so that drying and stopping. Avoid energy consumption and clothing damage.

Make clothes soft and can filter excess impurities

Many people like the sun -exposed clothes. They feel warm, fluffy, and have a clean and refreshing taste. It is because the sun exposure will eliminate mites, and mites can die for a period of time above 55 ° C.


In order to solve this problem, Xiaoji drying machine uses the principle of heat pump -type drying. When working, you can choose low temperature baking or high -temperature sterilization and drying. For wool, down, silk, etc. It affects fabrics, and other sterilization or children’s clothes can be dried at 72 degrees, taking into account disinfection and sterilization to remove mites, and gives the children at home the most intimate protection. And quickly drying the clothes through the front and reverse, which can also make the washing clothes more flat and softened.

In addition, the triple filter built in the dry clothing machine can filter the wool of the wool of the thread, especially in daily life that the wool is inevitable to produce some wool. Through the filter, the clothes are cleaner and effectively avoid the blockage of the machine.

Low noise, safe power saving


In terms of noise, Xiaoji Ganji uses a BLDC inverter motor, which is efficient and mute.

As for power saving, Xiaoji drying machine uses the heat pump -type drying design.

The principle of heat pump drying work: mainly composed of four parts: wing -type evaporator (machine), compressor, finite condenser (internal machine), and expansion valve. Calories) → Compression → Concretion (Release heat in indoor drying rooms) → throwing → The heat circulation process of evaporated, heat pump drying is more than half compared to condensation, and it is more friendly to clothing.


This is also the main reason why I made up my mind to replace the washing suit last year. Since the home with this 10kg washing machine+10kg drying machine intelligent washing and drying suit, regardless of it, it is cloudy, rainy and snow, and if you want to “sun”, you can wear it. Which one is wearing! If conditions permit, one can be considered regardless of the south and north.


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