I immediately laughed when I saw the saying “sticking to the face”. Of course, this is not to say good words and praise you, but to remind you of reflection: how much money do you smash on your face for beauty?


Of course, it is not the most extravagant compared to the Egyptian queen wearing a golden mask in the Egyptian queen to massage the skin with gold Ruyi sticks.

The efficacy of beauty products is becoming more and more segmented. Non -professionals blindly listen to the advice of beauty bloggers to buy and buy, and the effects also have the effect, but they always feel that they almost do something.


what? After consulting a professional beautician, we finally realized that our skin care steps at home often lacked professional methods. In general, the same skin care products have different methods, and the effects are different; in addition, no matter what product you use, you want to speed up the skin’s skin and the gravity of the ground. It is the most effective.

Therefore, in recent years, various beauty instruments have been popular: Foreo cleansing instruments for deep cleaning, Beauty Bar 24K gold rods and Refa, and Yaman and large row lights used for basic massage skin care. Absorption, etc. In principle, they are divided into exported beauty instruments, micro -current beauty instruments, radio frequency beauty instruments, laser beauty instruments, etc., dazzling.


For the just -entry beauty instrument Xiaobai, it is likely that it is “three days fishing, two days of drying the net”. Whether you can insist on using it is a problem. In this case, you don’t need to buy a full set. The high function of getting up is relatively chicken ribs for daily skin care. The experience of people is the highest -level experience -BEAUTY BAR.

Inspired by the “Gold Energy, Beauty, Bloody and Blood Body” recorded by the ancient Chinese medicine books, Kakusan uses 24K gold to make the massage head of the beauty instrument, so that you can enjoy the feeling of gold on your face in the process of use.

Kakusan Carton Cools Shang Gold Cubs The body is small and simple. After finishing the cleaning and toning steps, apply the essence or massage cream, turn on the copper switch at the bottom at the bottom, and feel the vibration frequency of 7,200 times per minute. , Lara, tight.

The specific method is as follows:


First of all, hold the tail of the fuselage, from the eyebrows to the forehead, soothing the headprint and relaxing the scalp.

Then, starting from the bottom of the eyes, along the outer eye, the curved lifted to the vicinity of the temple to avoid the eyeball.

Then, from the corner of the mouth and nose, the cheeks were pulled along the outer line of the cheekbones to drive blood circulation.


Finally, starting from the front of the chin, along the outline of the jaw on the face, lifted the arc to the earlobe, and faded the double chin.

It only needs to be used 2 to 3 times a week, which can not only eliminate edema, reshape the face lines, but also lighten the fine lines and bags under the eyes, and strengthen the introduction of skin care products. The key is to delay the aging of the skin, always youth, make the skin often 葆 葆 每 每Young … it sounds a lot of benefits, isn’t it difficult for the next determination to persist in use?

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