Nearly 800 million children in the world are affected by lead poisoning.

Sugar mom often sees babies with silver bracelets. Silver jewelry is a traditional custom of my country. The folk has the saying “big gold and small silver”. It means that adults need to wear gold,

The baby should wear silver after birth.


Silver bracelets, silver locks, silver circles, etc. are classic accessories for babies. In the past to send this silver jewelry, pay more attention to it

The meaning of Ping An or auspiciousness.

But parents do not know that the silver bracelet that means “security” may also hurt the baby, resulting in the baby’s “stupid”.

The “silver bracelet” of Ping An may make the baby stupid

Children’s brain development is one of the things that parents care about. Many people have paid attention to prenatal education since pregnancy. After the baby is born, he has always taken the baby as a puzzle game, but he did not expect that the baby often worn

Jewelry may affect brain development.

Sugar Mom recently saw a evaluation about silver bracelets that may make children “stupid”. Many parents are very nervous, and they are afraid of adults with many years of jewelry.

Among the 878 silver jewelry of the evaluation,

42 pieces are unqualified,

The lead content exceeds the prescribed standards many times.

Thinking of many children have been carrying bracelets from birth, everyone is a little calm, fearing that the baby’s brain development will be affected. However, parents don’t have to be too nervous, unqualified jewelry,

Generally, it is fake silver, or it contains more impurities.

If you buy it in a regular shopping mall, you will not be easily pitted,


Otherwise, it is to spend money to find sin.

When it comes to lead, parents often think of the pencils used by their children. In fact,

There is no such heavy metal in the pencil core,

The lead containing plastic skin or paint wrapped on the pen.

Many parents did not find that the dangerous factor of lead is hidden in places that are easily ignored and in close contact with their children.

It may make the baby “stupid” factor in life, and it is hidden around

WHO believes that the biggest factors to threaten children in the environment are lead. 47%of children’s lead poisoning comes from food and only 2%come from air or other factors.


The damage caused by the lead to the child is almost irreversible, mainly affecting the child


Development of the nervous system,


And hurting the kidneys and immunity, it is often accompanied by a short body.

The reason why lead poisoning may make the child “stupid” because the child may have a weakened memory after the child is in contact and excessive the entrance.

Attention cannot be concentrated, learning is more difficult,

Personality and irritability.

Common pencil

“Outer packaging”


There may be lead in inferior metal jewelry, metal stationery, and some snacks. Parents cannot detect the items around them, but they can use several methods to keep their children and their families away from lead damage as much as possible.

Parents do this to avoid the baby “stupid”

Let the child away from the damage of lead, the sooner the better, the better. Parents pay attention to the following details to ensure that the child will not become stupid easily.

1) It should be paid attention to since pregnancy

Studies have shown that 90%of the lead’s lead will pass to the fetal treasure through the placenta.

The best husband and wife are the best


3 months before pregnancy

, Check out whether your body or blood is affected by the adversely affected lead, and then prepare for pregnancy after hidden dangers.

Prepare pregnancy and pregnancy, try to

Reduce the number of makeup,

Especially don’t make makeup. Second, stay away from the surrounding environment, and stop the work that may be exposed to lead, such as

Ink printing, paint spraying

, Make batteries, etc., do not hurt the opportunity to hurt us and the baby.


2) Pay attention to the baby’s daily diet


The sugar mother mentioned that the proportion of lead poisoning for children due to food is the largest, so in the child’s

Daily diet

Parents must pay more attention.

Do not give your children a “pine flower egg”,

Eat less fried and puffed foods, and to avoid eating too much lead



Many people have heard that eating fish can make children smarter, but ignoring some fish may come from contaminated waters, or

Black fish, mullet, shark, catfish, cod

Waiting for fish, there are not only lead in fish, but also other


Heavy metal ingredients,


It is very unfavorable to the baby’s body and brain.

In fish, heavy metals contain concentration sorting:

Sea Fish> Lake Fish> River Fish.

Therefore, freshwater fish can be eaten with confidence. As long as you buy it from the regular business, it is no problem to ensure freshness.

3) Let children develop good habits from an early age

The old saying said, “The illness comes in from the mouth”. In addition to not buying lead, stationery, clothes, etc., parents must also make children develop.


The good habit of not biting stationery.

In this way, even if there is a lead we find it, it will not be easily eaten into the stomach, causing damage to the body and brain.

Candy mother said in my heart:

In fact, little babies are not suitable for bracelets, including various other accessories, and they are not suitable for baby contact. Not simply because the “lead” can easily cause damage to the baby, but also to avoid the jewelry caused the baby


Or the jewelry is too tight and the baby is holding. Parents pay attention to screening, and don’t spend money on the baby.

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