After the female pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body continued to rise, and the waist and various joints were gradually relaxed. As the uterus continued to expand, the waist pain will exacerbate.

The problem of low back pain may continue until the birth, if there is no good care during the moon, the postpartum may fall into the backache, the rain will feel that the waist is disadvantaged, sitting hard.

If you want to postpartum, you can avoid back pain, “artifact” during the moon is going to prepare in advance, and Xiaobian has organized four practical “waist artifacts” for Bao Ma.

Artifact 1: Universal “U” pillow

All said


“Ten Production Mys, Nine Backaches”

The lumbar vertebrae in pregnancy has undertakes the weight of the fetal treasure, and the backache during pregnancy is usually unavoidable.

Many pregnant mothers are innocently thought that the problem of backache may be alleviated during the month. Come over, you know that it is more tired when you take care of your baby.

Just a single aesthetics, Bao Ma is more comfortable, holding the baby in his arms, in order to relieve the pain of the hand, you must fall on the legs.

Convenient baby sucking, naturally bending the waist breastfeeding.

Many treasures will buy breastfeeding pillows in advance, used to relieve problems that come to the baby.

However, the use cycle of breastfeeding pillings is short, and I can’t use the baby bigger. I will put it on the home.

The “U” pillow for travel can also serve the waist, play the role of breastfeeding pillow

And in the weekdays, I also use it to save money and practical. The expectant mother does not have to buy breastfeeding pillows.

Artifact 2: “Ugly” Trigerant

During the month, in addition to feeding, the tips for the tips are diapers. If you put your baby on the bed, Bao Ma may take a long time to bend.

American Pediatric Medical Association statistics, before the baby is 1 year old, parents need to handle the diapers up to 3000 pieces.

The diaper replacement frequency of the month, is the most frequent in the growth process of the baby.

Almost two hours, you have to change it.


And the skin is relatively delicate, and it needs to be clean and nursing from time to time.

Light is changing the urine and wet,

Bao Ma needs the time of bending, accumulating is not a general length.

In order to avoid the waist to change the paper diapers, we will add the burden on the waist during the moon. It is recommended that Bao Ma prepares ahead.

Trigerant table.

After you have a test, the treasure mom can give the baby diaper.

It is more labor-saving for your baby to do care, and you can also avoid blurred sheets and frequently change it.


Artifact 3: Adjustable “lazy” chair

During the moon, Bao Ma still has a long time to sleep, if it is kept on the front of the bed, the waist is suspended.


Time will increase waist fatigue

It is easy to fall into the backache of monthly disease.

For the treasure moms that need to take care of your baby, if you can have a “artifact”,

It’s better to rely on various angles in bed.

, Feeding, kick, no need to worry about the long backache.


Find a “artifact” on a treasure,

It is a “lazy” chair on the tatami, you must buy a multi-angle adjustment.

It can be applied to the prevention of the waist of the treasure mother to protect the waist of the treasure.

Artifact 4: Bao Ma will be disadvantaged

For Bao Dad, the baby will not help but spit.

There is also a popular language on the Internet. “When Bao Dad is a solid backing, it is not dangerous, Bao Da is the biggest danger.”


Although Bao Dad took the baby and clumsy, Dad’s love for the baby is less than a few mom. Bao Ma wants to reduce the burden during the moon, stay away from the month of life, Bao Da is also the choice of ignoring.

If you are sitting on the moon, you will take a baby with a baby, and the body is relatively weak, and it is necessary to take care of your own postpartum recovery. It is very likely that the baby will take care of it, and I can’t eat my meal.


If you want to reduce the burden, you should cultivate Bao Da to bring your baby, more people help, you can make the treasure mother relax, and the mood is good after childbirth.

Bao Ma is not too small to be bounter, and some of the Bao Da is professionally, and the treasure is not more than.

Pregnant mothers want to stay away from postpartum back pain, the three “artifacts” can be prepared in advance,

The fourth “artifact” is encouraged, so that Bao Da has played more, and Bao Ma is also worrying.