Today’s home clothes are no longer the previous “bed single wind” and “curtain style”. The style of pajamas is no less than those wearing items, and some are even fashionable. Many pajamas not only take into account the fashion attributes, but also have the comfort of pajamas itself. This makes many otakus gods only like to wear pajamas at home and stain all kinds of home clothing.


As the host of the fruit platform, Shen Mengchen is high and tall, and is a very favorite female host. Before the marriage news with Du Haitao made everyone suspect the relationship between the two, Shen Mengchen almost was replaced by the spokesperson because of these rumors. She also bluntly said that she was afraid of losing her career after marriage. No marriage.

Shen Mengchen is now active on her social platform. In addition to seeing professional hosting on TV, she can also see her grounded side in private, and feels closer to everyone.


This time Shen Mengchen shared his new grass pajamas with you at home. He tried 4 sets one after another, and he saw everyone’s heart.

Wear a small knowledge: Shin silk pajamas are young candidates for white, not old -fashioned

Many real silk pajamas are mainly dark colors. The real silk pajamas in our traditional impression are either red, black, dark purple, dark green, etc. These colors look very dull, and they feel that they are worn by mothers -level people. Essence

For young girls, like the softness of real silk pajamas, but does not want to wear aunt, it is better to choose a white pajamas. The light -colored system helps to brighten the skin color and avoid the old visual sense of the real silk pajamas.

Wear small knowledge: should be fashionable, detail design is very important

Many pajamas are simple and simple, and there is no highlight at all, which also makes everyone have no hope of hope for home service. However, some pajamas, its designers still spend their efforts, and will work hard to integrate some fashion elements in, so that the fashion index of pajamas can be improved, and can even be worn outside.

The white real silk pajamas worn by Shen Mengchen, the top looks like a sense of vision of the sweater, the tailoring of the hooded hood, and two black letters webbing. This design suddenly enhances the vitality of the pajamas, and it is full of vitality. Girl feel.

Wear small knowledge: Mom -level pajamas, just simple styles, showing atmosphere


Choosing pajamas and do not like tedious and messy, then remove those decorations such as lace and mesh. They will only make pajamas look more tacky. It’s refreshing and very generous.


The haze blue pajamas set worn by Shen Mengchen is chosen for her mother. The style version is very simple. The satisfactory pajamas style is not only suitable for themselves, but the mother can wear it.

Wear small knowledge: sports style pajamas are young, doll collar pajamas are obedient

The young pajamas can also start with the details. The real silk pajamas should be younger and can develop into the sports style. In the tailoring, it is designed as a style of sportswear. The comfort of itself can give people a sense of youthful vitality.

There are also black silk pajamas. The color is dull and looks very unpleasant, but the designer replaced the neckline with the rolling doll collar with a arc -shaped petals design, which suddenly enhanced the sweet value of the pajamas. No wonder Shen Mengchen was dancing, and it looked too old.


Shen Mengchen’s four pajamas, each pajamas is very suitable for daily wear, and the high -level sense of silk pajamas makes people look enviable. I just learned about the price, I couldn’t help but make people refund. Some netizens saw that they could only look at it. They couldn’t afford it. They also hoped that she could share more ground pajamas.

Extended wearing: What kind of affinity shapes of Shen Mengchen?


① Wearing a denim skirt to show the charm of girls


If you want to improve your girly power, denim skirts are very suitable items. In addition to the A -line denim skirt, there are denim strap skirts. The two -year -old reduction index is naturally stronger. His girly feel, both denim skirts can be tried.

Shen Mengchen wore a pink denim strap skirt and a white simple T -shirt inside. It looked like only seventeen or eight years old, pure and cute. Wearing a blue denim skirt is also a kind of first love goddess.

② The summer denim shorts are worn, cool and high


If you want to leisure more everyday, it is very suitable to wear denim shorts in summer. This item is expensive and casual. Blue denim shorts are easy to show fat. If you want to narrow your crotch, you may choose black denim shorts and color. Getting the visual range, the crotch looks narrower and thinner. The upper body is matched with loose items, and the upper width and narrowness are also thin.


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