Many people are particularly in love with shirts, and they also like to wear shirts when they are matched with clothing. And white shirts are the most common choices in various shirts, wear


You can wear a white shirt, wear


The clothing can also be paired with a white shirt.

But in addition to the white shirt,

Black shirt

It is also very classic, because the design is too low -key, it is often ignored by everyone. The shirt is still black, handsome and cool,



Black shirts are more white than white,

Versatile and advanced

, The effect is too prominent, it is recommended that everyone can wear more in daily life


As a low -key color, its temperament is not only not only


The faith is not yet publicized, and the effect of age reduction is particularly obvious. Even if you match the ordinary black long skirt,

Black pants are not rustic.

Black shirt with wide -leg pants


If the black shirt is paired with black pants, then your clothing aura must be

The more handsome

Okay, don’t go with the thick pants fabrics with particularly old -fashioned natives. The clean version will make your clothing style cleaner and handsome.

Wide -leg pants are a good choice, but because of wide -leg pants


, Recommended in the way of wearing a shirt

More casual

Essence Analysis from the method of wearing, open a few more buttons of the shirt,

It looks a little sexy

, And the clothes are in the wide -leg pants, from thin to the long legs, all aspects do well in all aspects.


I want to make temperament more fashionable and more distinctive, and wearing pure black mix can also be done. The easiest way is to increase in the black system

Unique element,

Color bags, more individual hats, or wrapped around on the legs of the trousers to increase the sense of movement. All

Quite novel and distinctive.

More free and easy matching combination


Wide leg pants

After that, the black shirts became like this

Handsome and practical

If you match more casual clothing, the style will be more relaxed and younger. For example, in the cool style of clothing, the pure black version of the workers is very uniform. Temperament and fashionable.

After everyone with a casual black shirt, some unique elements on the trousers, such as loose pants legs, will become particularly obvious, making the gas field more cool. If it is matched with a little bit

Elements of leather

, Or choose reflective fabrics, plus

Silver chain

Wait, the overall effect will be

More cool


Striped shirt

Compared with a solid shirt

The difficulty of matching is lower, and the effect of thinness is also obvious, which is more suitable for showing a sense of advanced.

Not just with simple black pants, it’s all very good



, You can also overlap it, accompanied by other pure black T -shirts, high -necked small shirts, etc., all are

Style and layered.

Color matching of black shirts

Pass through

Black service

There are so many people who pretend, everyone knows

Black clothing is

The easiest way to match is to match colorful clothes. The overall aura looks refreshing. Visual effects are also high -level.

The clothing with a strong sense of business, the effect of matching must be more atmospheric, like choosing

Classic wide -leg pants

, It’s a match

Blue jeans


Bright yellow pants

Son, you can make the black shirt shine in front of him, looking young and fashionable.

But colorful pants

Lean effect

No black pants, everyone can

To match the short

Shirt, or shirt


Solve a few buttons to solve

Long legs and belly


This problem.

Classic black and white match


Black clothing


It must be unable to go around white clothing. The combination of black and white is special


Also have tried by almost everyone


The style is generally good to wear black pants with a white T -shirt. In turn, it is also good to wear a black shirt with white pants.

Especially high -waist pants are more handsome and generous, and have an elegant feeling. But in order to make the temperament more fashionable, everyone must remember to choose more

Racing and easy to wear.

For example, extraordinarily large shirts, open collars, and version of free and neutralized pants. Make clothing style

Handsome and distinctive

At the same time, it also shows the lazy time


Lady -full shirt


White shirt

It’s easier to reflect


, Everyone’s familiar doll collar shirt, plus bubble sleeves, lantern sleeve -decorated shirts are all


, More common

Ordinary shirts with lotus leaf edge,

It looks very ladylike.

It is not necessarily a lady who replaced it with black, and after a lot of elements, I look very ladylike. Like a doll collar, lantern sleeve, and very



The versions are combined, so the whole black shirt is like this


Essence It can’t hold its handsomeness.

Choose the same at this time

Retro hip skirt

, Or more advanced woolen skirts and skirts of golden velvet fabrics can effectively highlight the clothing


And European style


There are many different ways to wear shirts. Open the buttons a few more, obliquely wear, look handsome and lazy, open the hem of the buttons, just

Personal and confident.

There are also the hem of the shirt, only half of the pants. It will give people a novel visual perception, black shirts are lower -key,

It is also more handsome and rare than white.

#What to wear today#

Black shirt

Striped shirt