There are many types of fashion and popular elements, and they have different fashion updates every year. Only those classic ones can last in the popular circle. The intellectual and elegant plaid suit is suitable for the upper body of the people in the workplace, creating a full sense of layering, and it looks fashionable and simple to wear, with confidence and calmness. In those

The checkered suit set, with some orthodox feelings, different plaid modifications on the whole body, the visual sense created is also a little different.

Essence The fashion of wearing is also different. The dark color system, large and small, thick and thin, etc., have their own advantages. With a good sense of layering and three -dimensional, it looks classic and versatile, and easily interprets a unique fashion atmosphere.


The set of lattice suit is actually very worry -free in terms of matching. Generally, novices can be easily controlled

Essence With some delicate small accessories, like earrings necklaces, it can show romantic and sweet femininity. And it can also bleak the serious and solemn sense of the checkered suit, and then put on a pair of beautiful high heels to interpret the full ladylike style.

Checked suit suit+bag


The light -colored checkered suit suit is not picked at all, it looks fresh and elegant, and the visual sense is beautiful and moving.

Essence The inside of the suit can also be combined with a light -colored single product combination to create a layered sense. In terms of the choice of shoes, choose a single shoe combination with the same color system to make it up and down very well. The sense of fashion coordination, and then get a casual shopping bag, out of the street to interpret the leisure and casual sexy.

The chroma is not a particularly high plaid suit suit, simple and generous, and it looks implicit without losing the sense of restraint.


Essence If you feel a little dull, then use a small shirt with a contrast -colored design to combine it to create a layered beauty of the entire dress. Stepping on a pair of temperament shoes, and taking a delicate small bag, you can easily leave the street.

The advantage of the suit suit is that there is no need to worry about choosing to wear at all, where it comes with the overall harmony is there

Essence Therefore, it is also very simple for wearing Xiaobai. You can easily get started, and you don’t have to worry about the errors on it. Some girls who like to wear some pick can be added to the contrasting bags or shoes to create to add the overall wearing fashion focus, showing the fashionable and trendy influenza.

Like a casual lattice suit suit, simple and generous, and the version is relatively loose, it looks comfortable to wear

Essence And a combination set like this, the simple style is also very strong? It can be paired with some cat -eye sunglasses, or a single shoes with full personality, which perfectly interpret the fashion atmosphere of the overall dress to create a distinctive street sense.

Slightly look a bit low -textured, subtle and restrained, and not high -profile, but it is exactly what many mature women like

Essence It looks more intellectual, and dignified, with a full urban style between raising hands and feet, and as a workplace dress, it is also super suitable. With exquisite handbags and heel shoes, it shows the exquisite ladylike temperament. sense.

For a slightly beautiful plaid, the visual sense is more eye -catching, and the design of the suit makes the whole dress look more out of and eye -catching.

Essence Using the inner jacket corner or the wearing design of a tie, it has some British sense. Take a three -dimensional and stylish handbag, it looks fashionable and simple, combined with comfortable single shoes, it looks simple and generous and sharp.


Checked suit suit+casual shoes

The inner color of the solid color system is combined with a suit set with fashion printing elements.

And its outline is also quite in place. If the pants type is designed with a high waist, then you will look tall and tall when you wear it. You can match the simple casual single shoes at will.


The big checkered atmosphere is simple, and the upper body is wearing a calm and comfortable feeling, and it is also suitable to create the dress style of a chic big woman.

Essence The color does not need to be too much, like some of the relatively lighter one. Combined with the silhouette shape of the suits suit, the fashionableness of wearing is also very high. It can be worn with simple white shoes, which looks simple and casual. It can also be replaced with a full -person Martin boots, which looks chic.

The plaid of the top is larger, and the plaid of the lower body is thinner, and the layer of the layer looks comparison.


Essence In addition, the fashionable atmosphere does not need to be created anymore. In addition, the combined design of the suit suit is also super strong. If the plaid color is biased towards fresh hue, the color system of the shoe bag can be made of dark tone, bringing a full sense of layering.

Girls who like suit suits feel that it is easy to save time. Like the girls in the workplace, you can also rely on the session in the morning to rely on the heal

Essence And the plaid suit suit is also very classic. It is super popular every year without picking people or picking occasions, and its fans have also increased. If the color system is beautiful and beautiful, then the hats and shoes are better to choose the same color system of the light color system, creating the second group of coordination of the entire dress.


Short -type checkered suit suits, the real wear of the autumn and winter seasons is not too high. If you really like it, you can match the pants bottom socks in the pants

Or it is worn with a simple trench coat outside the suit, which is both warm and excellent. You can wear a good handsome feeling, and change to your favorite casual boots. On many occasions, you can easily get the upper body.


These color materials and styles are not the same checkered suit suit. The fashion tastes displayed by dressing are also different. It is suitable for different sites and different figures. And the girls who are interested in this, may wish to learn together, wear your unique temperament!


Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide, so that you no longer worry about dressing!


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In the wardrobe of the exquisite women, there is a set of “plaid suit”, so that wearing a fashionable foreign style and reducing age