The shoe showcases need to seize the attention of consumers at the first glance of the customer’s entry. The design principles should be simple, generous and beautiful. If the design of the showcase is too complicated, it is easy to affect the work efficiency of the sales staff, and the display of goods displayed on the showcase can allow consumers to find what they need in the first time.


1. Then there are several parts of the custom display cabinet shoe store

1. Top decoration,


Very simple, usually installed lights on the plaster plate ceiling, or cotton ceiling.


2. Wall decoration, wall decoration

(You can use latex paint, wallpaper, aluminum) and your cargo frame. The rack can buy finished products, or you can customize floor decoration, floor tiles and flooring on the spot.

The position of the mirror that changes the shoes (buy for yourself) and if the shoes you buy are in the category of monopoly, then the store generally has a unified style.

2. Precautions for the decoration of the shoe store, what should I pay attention to when the shoe shop decoration?

The shoe store is very beautiful, but the lights are not very bright. There are still a few of the rain without light. We can discuss the precautions of the shoe shop decoration from the following aspects.

1. Check whether the power cord is normal, and all the lights start 50 times to ensure that the lights, lights, and wall lamps are normal. Be careful with the switch and switch to the inspection. Whether it is easy to open, there will be no obvious frustration in the middle.

2. Check whether the lighting lights are normal, and some lights have a flashing feeling, because the quality is poor and the power per second is too small. These lights need to be replaced immediately.

3. The lamp tube is used as much as possible. Although the cost of purchasing energy -saving lights is relatively high, the cost of use in the later period is relatively low and the life span is longer. Some lamps can be used for five years without replacement. The electricity saved is also considerable.

4. Check the walls on the wallpaper. There are no obvious marks and seamless paste. If there are exposed seams, repair it in time. In addition, see if there are prominent places in the corner. Because the wallpaper is affected by the humidity, there is a greater affected, there are some. A little water will flow out, and then the protruding area is getting bigger and bigger, so pay special attention to this problem after discovering.

5. Check the shelves, whether the installation is firm, check whether the floor is installed horizontally, and whether the floor and the floor are solid. First check whether there is the possibility of stilts, check whether the safety door is locked, and whether there is a fault in the opening and closing, because the door uses the most mostly for the most useful use of the door. Use it every day, so you must pull it a few more times before you can open it? Is it locked? Check whether the wires are arranged well. Because the store is open for a long time now, it is more free time, and the computer can also open a Taobao store to communicate with the buyer, so you must pay attention to whether the network layout is appropriate.