19 beautiful dresses, you can wear it when you travel at work

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19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Recently, Mrs. Tianke has been hot, and she really wants to carry the air conditioner on her body!

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

At this time, only

Blocks and beautiful and cool dresses

Can soothe me.

So today’s content is popsicles

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


啦 ~

However, readers often leave a message recently in the background

I don’t know how to choose a skirt that suits you

Before the beginning of Amway, let me briefly tell you how to choose skirts.

How to choose a skirt?

Look at

How to choose clothes according to the figure have told you many times, friends who don’t remember

Stamp link

How to wear a different body to review.


It’s okay to look at this form directly 表



It’s easy to understand when you look at this height,

More than 160cm

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

There is nothing wrong with wearing long models,

Below 160cm

Small little knees above

Short models are even more apparent


But it is not dead. If the little man doesn’t want to show his calf / wants sunscreen / just likes long models, choose

Long waistline

Wearing a high heels is OK 跟.

Look at local characteristics

I have said this before, just based on myself

Wide shoulders, narrow shoulders, big breasts, big breasts

Wait for local characteristics to choose a model that can be covered.

Because there is always the owner in the background that I don’t know that I am

Narrow should still be wide shoulders

I also briefly talk about how to judge.

Wide shoulders and narrow shoulders are actually a

Relative conclusion

,we want

Measuring shoulder width

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Later and other parts of the body

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Head -shoulder ratio:

The normal ratio of Asians is:

Shoulder width/head width 52.5

Even if this value is narrow, it is greater than this.

Head length ratio:

Shoulder width/head length 7 1.75 ~ 2

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

, Smaller than this value is narrow shoulder, greater than this value as wide shoulders.

A chest shoulder ratio:

The “chest” here is the chest wide. When the amount of everyone, take the leather tape a little further. Remember to pass the highest point of our breasts. In normal body type:

Shoulder width-chest width = 10 ~ 15cm

If it exceeds 15cm, it is wide shoulders, otherwise less than 10cm is narrow shoulder.

If above

You have two of you

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Then what you are proper is wide shoulders.


You can cover your shoulders with a thick suspender, falling shoulder sleeves,

Narrow shoulders

You can use bubble sleeves to make false shoulders. If you want to see a more detailed analysis, you can

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Poke link review

How to wear a wide -shoulder girl ~

Other features are the same,

If you want to modify, you can cover it wherever you want


Thick arm

The master can choose the short -sleeved model with confidence.

Big breasts

The owner, V -neck, and square collars all make the upper body look not so heavy.

flat chest

If you want to look less flat, choose the chest with wrinkles or swaying design.

I also made a table of simplicity for everyone,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


Just go.

Finally, emphasize, if this skirt

The overall style is very suitable for you

You also like it very much, but a local characteristics are not so modified,

Then don’t care about the local area

Just follow your preferences!

After all, no one will stare at our shoulders and arms all day. The overall style is in place.

Isn’t it enough to wear it yourself!

Okay, okay, hurry up and enter us


Let’s choose

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

19 skirts

, Divided into 3 categories according to the style:

Simple daily

Elegant and romantic


The first is some simple and daily styles,

The degree of dew is not very high

There is no problem when going out or going to work every day. (The premise is that there are no special dress requirements at work!

None of the MUJI white waist dress ¥ 690

12👈 Hee K07ix836rpw Ha/


I chose the first one

Basic white shirt skirt

,Very suitable

Daily commuting

The skirts are all V -neck design before and after, for

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Big breasts still have a thick back

It can play a little modification.

The loose cuffs can cover the worship of the meat on the arm.


It’s right.

MRS Studios waist dress ¥ 469

13 Micro TA14X83UWPP ha/


This shirt skirt is a surrounding design, simple and very French -style

Sense of elegance

The waist+big skirt can cover the hip,

Pear -shaped body

Start with confidence. Natural falling shoulder design,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


Wide -lord

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Can be worn too.

Xinjiang cotton fabric,

Stretching is not easy to wrinkle

, Hydrimizing is also very good.

There are several colors in the skirt. White is simple and durable, the pine stone is green and elegant, and the blue and cream color should be more fresh and brighter.

Softmoon silhouette A -line dress ¥ 339

14.0 ah Leagx83F8OY Hee/


This skirt is so temperamental, it looks like


, Especially suitable for wearing to go to the art museum to watch the exhibition ~

The overall is an A -line version,

The flesh on the belly is omnisclosed to cover

, I look at the comments and say

There are pregnant women

I bought

In addition to single wear, a light -colored shirt is also good -looking.

Although it is a big dress, but


19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

You can also tailor the length according to your height, which will not affect the overall version.

Solight vest skid dress ¥ 359

10 letter l2rhx83672a ha/


This green skirt

The color is super beautiful

With a little gray tone, strong retro, I was excited when I saw it at first glance!

The front is a simple vest skirt,

The cross -strap on the back also controls the degree of dew

It will not be too exaggerated to wear everyday.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The skirt is blended with a cotton cotton.

It’s not easy to wear to wear

Un1Ty three -dimensional pleated shirt dress ¥ 529

19👈 Letter Rhmyx838ycp! / /


This shirt skirt is not the H -shaped when the belt is not the belt, which is neat and elegant.

The master who is not so big can also wear

Essence When it is tied to the belt, it is the X version, which shows more figure.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The shirt collar plus long -sleeved design is very suitable

Commute to work

Part of the craftsmanship of pleated skirts is also very good, folds are neat, and it is not easy to deform.

Wait until the end of summer and early autumn,

You can also wear a knitted vest or sweater

, The utilization rate is super high ~

MOS office split satin dress ¥ 498

14.0 ah UADAX83JQVD Ha/


This dress


More retro

I think wearing older masters will be more temperament.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The oblique V -neck+high -cut design increases the degree of dew and is not dull at all. Ningxin design of the waist

Emphasize the waistline

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The fabric is not easy to wrinkle. It looks like a smooth satin, but some comments are a bit of a ball. The owner who minds can find a similar style of texture.

I also found 8 elegant and romantic skirts for everyone.

Shopping dating vacation

It’s very suitable ~

ESPEJO Vintage retro hanging neck dress ¥ 278

15.0! Hkjzx83g3x2 micro/


This skirt is the whole

Very retro port wind,

Hanging neck design

Very friendly to narrow shoulders

, Also cover the trapezius.

The blue and white big print flowers are retro and refreshing, which is very suitable

The big owner with a large sense of quantity

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

, With a underarm bag, it is super beautiful.

There are also silk scarves in the same series to buy together.

However, this store does not support seven days without any reason to return. Consider it before placing an order ~

Ginger ALE Flower Classical Sleeping Classical Dress ¥ 399

10, 4NQXX83tttqt Ha/

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


This skirt

Little floral flowers are super patient

, Fog Blue is fresh and elegant, yellow -purple gentle and gentle. I put it in the favorite clip for a month, and I haven’t looked tired.

The bubble sleeves are better than modifying the head and shoulders,

Narrow shoulder and rest assured to start

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Essence The sleeves also made a lingering design, and there was a taste of vacation and leisure.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The fabric is also good.

The upper body is breathable and smooth

Essence The owner who likes this style can be closed!

No end satin avocado green suspender skirt ¥ 239

13.0 Ha E5BVX836XLA,/

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


This plain suspender skirt

Simple atmosphere

It is very suitable for the master of the curvature and the elegant route of the simple contract.

Avocado green, fresh and elegant,

Small sense of upper body does not violate.

There is also a little pleated design on the waist, which does not look boring.

You can wear it alone when dating and vacation,

Add a small suit when commuting

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

OK ~

Self-Portrait Bowlon Dress ¥ 3622

10! SMZDX83NLVN hee/


This dress

Very textured

The classic and outdated X version can modify the figure. The skirt has the same bow design on the skirt, which is layered and not complicated.

The whole is the feeling of partial dress, which is very suitable

Concert, Wine Club

Wear these formal occasions.

But because the shoulder straps are wide, so

More suitable for wide shoulders.

Michellymo French floral dress ¥ 299

17.0 letter 54pix836x2q ha/

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


This pink purple poles skirt

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Very gentle and romantic.

Bubble sleeves can

Restoring narrow shoulders

, The waist is partial, which can highlight the curve.


There are two long and short

The long style is more gentle and shorter. You can choose according to your height or favorite style.

HEY DRESS is not in Paris Suya Print Skirts ¥ 269

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

14.0, 1oppx83HCZR/


This suspender skirt is quite unique, and the dark green printing is quiet and atmospheric.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The style of retro style

It will be very brilliant.

There is a pleated design on the waist, which increases the highlights.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Can still cover the small belly

Essence The hem is also asymmetric design, romantic and generous.

The matching is also very simple. The shoe and bags of the same color or brown system are very brilliant. Remember

Apply a green nail polish

It will look better ~

Commuse Classic Dangbid Skirt ¥ 480

10.0 Micro B3MQX836BHS Hee/

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


This purple suspender skirt

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Super beautiful

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The texture is also super good. When I first received the goods, I wanted Amway to give everyone.

The fine shoulder strap is very suitable for narrow shoulder masters

The design on the chest is very charm.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The skirt cut is also very good, using oblique tailoring,

The upper body is more fit

It looks particularly slender.

The fabric is 90%silk,

The dangling nature is very good, it is really enjoyable!

Since then, mint honey melon dress set ¥ 399

10.0 ah uwgjx8356ce micro/


The color of this skirt is particularly beautiful, so

Very fresh honeydew green

, Gentle and romantic printing, it is not easy to hit the money.

Big bubble sleeves and large V -neck

Very modified shoulder and neck curve

There is a hollow design on the waist, which is sexy.

100%cotton fabric,

It is more skinny in summer.

I also chose 5 more personalized styles,

More suitable for going out on the street.

Compared to Lun Black Studius Dress ¥ 295

188 Hee QK8FX83HMOJ letter/


Many people in this little black skirt temple have grown grass,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Simple but not fashionable.

There is a golden button in the place where the waist folds are collected,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Emphasized the waistline

, Also brightened the whole.

In addition, the size of the skirt V -neck can also be adjusted through the shoulders.

The fabric is also okay, it is made of sticky fiber,

It is more comfortable to wear in summer.

LOW Classic curve camisole dress ¥ 1584

19.0 micro PBH0X83UDC8 ah/


19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Low Classic, this suspender skirt, I also love it too,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The version is too advanced!

The curve of the neckline and waist is beautiful,

Like the minimalist wind and large curvature of the owner

You can close your eyes!

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

There are two colors, white simple and generous, black classic and elegant.

In addition to the official website, many buyer shops also have this, everyone can

Choose a reliable store to start.

Luluswings Sweet and Cool Dress ¥ 398

12.0 letter OJYUX83FRLT letter/


Do you feel familiar with this dress? Hey is the time when the amateur was renovated

The trapped of the same paragraph.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

The generous collar design can break the dullness,

The waist+big skirt is very friendly to the pear -shaped figure.

In addition, the skirt is still asymmetric, and there is a bit more


The little master who likes this style can go to its house, there are many more

Short skirt

It’s also very beautiful!

Manufacturing back garden bow back dressing dress ¥ 378

142 Xinxin mmc2x83ufm4! / /


I would like to call this skirt

Mermaid under all skirts

Hahaha, this big bow is too beautiful, you can go to Disney to play!

There are blue roses on the white base, which is looming in the sun.

Just like the feeling of oil painting.

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

However, it is said that the chest is not good enough, you can

Buy a disposable anti -walking sticker

Post it.

Murmurmi structural vest dress ¥ 489

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

11.0 micro 2ogbx83hekl letter/




19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿





19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿


The normal ratio of Asians is:

Simple daily

Elegant and romantic


It’s right.


This vest dress also

Very design

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

, Go out

Never hit the money

The kind of.

The lower body looks like a bud,

H buttocks on the thighs of the thigh

You can wear it with confidence.

The hem also made a splicing design,

19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

Overall more level

, Visually very thin.

Alright, today’s content is over here ~

Which skirt do you like best?Or what kind of grass skirts are available recently

Leave a message to everyone


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19 条貌美连衣裙,上班出游都能穿

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