The network light -end machine is the terminal device of the light signal transmission. Due to the current increase in technology, the reduction of fiber fiber prices has made it well applied in various fields. In remote optical fiber transmission, optical cables have a small impact on the transmission of signals. The transmission quality of the optical fiber transmission system mainly depends on the quality of the optical terminal. Because the optical transformation is responsible for photoelectric conversion, optical transmission and optical receiving. It is necessary to have a lot of new users or interested users who know the performance of the light -end machine in order to better configure and purchase. So, what is a network light -end machine? What are the characteristics and product features of the network light -end machine? Let’s take a closer look at it together!

Product introduction of network light end machine:

The two-way network optical end machine (with management) produced by Fei Chang Technology is used for data communication between 100BASE-FX optical cables and 10/100base-TX twisted lines. It automatically adapted to the transmission rate of 10/100Mbps. It provides two Ethernet interface interfaces Essence It expands the limit of the network transmission distance from 100 meters from the twisted twisted line to 250 meters to meet the needs of long -distance and high -speed Ethernet users. Interconnection. The product performance is stable and reliable, the design complies with the Ethernet standard, and has lightning protection measures. It is particularly suitable for the areas of telecommunications, cable television, railways, military, financial securities, customs, civil aviation, sea transportation, electric power, water conservancy and oil fields and other broadband data networks and the fields of high -reliability data transmission or establishment of IP data transmission.

The working principle of network light -end machine:

The light -end machine is a optical fiber communication device that extended data transmission. It is mainly through signal modulation, optoelectronic conversion and other technologies to achieve the purpose of remote transmission with optical transmission characteristics. The light -end machine is generally used in pairs, divided into optical transmitter and optical receiver. Telecom signal, complete light/electric conversion. The role of the light end machine is to use remote transmission data.

Product function of network optical end machine:

1. All -digital comprehensive multi -business optical transmission platforms can transmit non -compressed methods, high -quality video signals, data, switching volumes, radio -level audio signals, and Ethernet through multi -business signals through a core optical fiber.

2. ASIC integrated design technology with core independent intellectual property rights.

3. Advanced circuit design, full hardware solution, ensure the reliability, consistency and stability of the equipment.

4. Interference with no simulation frequency adjustment, phase adjustment, and amplitude -module light -end machine.

5. No electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and co -ground circuit interference.

6.8/10 digits of digital coding and non -compressed, non -damage video transmission, transparently support any high -resolution video signal.

7. Video compatible with PAL, NTSC, and SECAM various formulas. The data supports full double or half -dual -workers RS232/RS485/RS422/Manchester code and BIPHASE protocol; voice, data, and switching signals can be configured as needed.

8. Adopt industrial -grade devices and full surface installation techniques to run stable and reliable for a long time.

9. With a complete panel status instructions such as power supply, light signals, data signals, etc., it is convenient for equipment opening and maintenance.


10. Adaptive technology without any on -site electricity and light adjustment.

11. Have a strong comprehensive multi -business network management function.

Well, the above content is Fei Chang Technology about what is a network light -end machine? The working principle and product feature characteristics of the network light -end machine? The detailed introduction of this problem, I hope to help you! Fei Chang Technology has long been committed to providing customers with industrial network communications products such as light -ending machines, telephone light -end machines, armed police light -end machines, smart rock projects, fiber -fiber transceivers, industrial Ethernet switches, protocol converters, serial port servers, etc., and has become the leader of the domestic industrial communication field. Brand, welcome to come and understand.