“My Rabbit Friends”

I am a brown mouse, and the little rabbit is my good friend. He is always kind, but no matter what he does, no matter where he goes, the trouble will follow.

No, I just got a brand new toy aircraft that day, and he flew it to the tree.

I was thrown out of the cockpit, and my life was great, and he was caught by him. I cried sadly, but the little rabbit said confidently, “Mouse, don’t worry. I have a way!”


He pulled over an elephant, pushed over a rhino, and raised a hippopotic, a deer, a crocodile, and a small brown bear and a duck riding on his head. We are stacking one by one, the elephant is kneeling at the bottom, rhinosome above, and then the tops are ducks, deer, brown bears, hippos, crocodiles, rabbits, little squirrels …

It was still not enough, so the little rabbit grabbed the squirrel, the little squirrel grabbed me again, and the eyes were enough to reach the plane, but the little rabbit’s hand was released. I grabbed the wings of the plane. The children crackled all the way to the ground.

Everyone was very upset and surrounded the rabbit group. Just then, I drove the plane to rescue the little rabbit. The little rabbit hugged me and said thank you, but he covered my eyes. boom! The plane hung on the tree again. He said to me confidently, “Mouse, don’t worry. I have a way!”

This is a story about tolerance. Behind the exciting picture, it subtlely expresses a thought about patience and loyalty.

Without the end of the end, “My friend rabbit is always kind”, “But, rabbits are kind -hearted. And, he is my friend”, we will misunderstand, thinking that this is just a funny story And haha ​​laughed a few times.

But with these few words, the story is not the same. It is that a three -year -old child will understand that only by receiving the shortcomings of friends can there be good friends.

That little mouse is so cute. No matter how he suffered, whether he fell from the sky or hung it on a tall tree, he was so sad that he shed tears, but he still said without regret: “Bunny is my good friend!”

Excerpted from “World Pixel Reading and Classics”, which is permitted by the reputation of the contents of the content.

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