Many friends are engaged in catering and hotel industries. These industries have certain requirements for dressing. Especially if you work in the kitchen, oil, water or detergent will often appear on the ground. At this time, if you do not have a suitable pair of chef’s work shoes, there will be hidden dangers to slip. So how to choose a pair of suitable anti -slip chef work shoes? Let’s watch it next.

Wore special non -slip shoes when working at work

What are the functions of non -slip chef work shoes?


Big non -slip coefficient

Essence Compared with ordinary shoes, non -slip chef’s working shoes are that the soles must increase the friction between the ground and the ground to ensure that the user can stand firmly without the heel even if it is humid or greasy. The non -slip chef’s working shoes use a special anti -slip sole. It has special patterns that resist smooth surfaces, designed to help reduce accidents. At the same time, the diversion slot of the sole can ensure that users can smoothly discharge the water and oil on the ground while wearing, and reduce the chance of slipping.

Chef’s anti -skates sole



High temperature resistance of the sole

Essence Because kitchen work shoes need to be exposed to high -temperature substances such as hot oil and water, these also add a little safety hazard to users, so non -slip chef work shoes also need to have a certain heat resistance. The non -slip chef’s working shoes increase the thickness of the sole, ensure that the chef’s working shoes have high temperature resistance, prevent thermal oil scald toes, and cause damage to users.



Light and wear -resistant

Essence Some non -slip chef’s working shoes are guaranteed and more durable. Some non -slip chef’s work shoes are designed with high -quality materials, so that users’ feet are well protected. On the manufacturer of chef’s work shoes with word of mouth, there will be basically not cut corners on materials. The service life of high -quality chef work shoes is longer than ordinary shoes, ensuring that users are worth it. And some chefs are far more than the industry average of the industry, which can stand the test of time.

Chef -specific anti -slip shoes

Precautions for purchasing chef shoes

If you are a catering company or dealer to purchase chef shoes, you need to pay attention to a few points.

Chef shoes should have anti -slip inspection report

Essence Chef shoes are a kind of functional shoes. Finding chef Shoes manufacturers ask for anti -slip inspection reports to see if the anti -skid has reached the national standard. Some chefs and shoe manufacturers say that they can prevent slipping on oil and water, but they can’t hold the inspection report, at least it shows that it is not a special formal manufacturer.

Try to penetrate in the actual working environment

Essence When purchasing in batches, you can find a chef shoes manufacturer with one or two pairs of chef shoes in the actual working environment. See if it can play a sufficient anti -slip and slip effect in the real environment. No matter how many publicity, it is better to try on a pair of non -slip chef shoes in the actual working environment.

Don’t be greedy

Essence According to the feedback of many buyers, when purchasing chef shoes, it is easy to be cheap because of greed. It can not wear long -term anti -skid ability to decline. And expenses. Personal purchase is better. For batch purchases, the non -slip waterproof and oil -resistant of chef shoes is important, and at the same time, it is also important to serve. It is difficult to have good after -sales service guarantee at low prices.


Anti -slip oil -resistant waterproof chef shoes

When choosing a non -slip chef’s working shoes, pay attention to the performance of oil resistance and anti -smashing. Coportone chef’s soles of oil and oil resistance to resistance and anti -corrosion are not easy to rot. It is made of cowhide, which increases the breathability, hygroscopicness and deodorization function of kitchen shoes. The built -in steel head or plastic hard head to prevent kitchen knives from hitting the feet on the feet, which can be described as multiple guarantees for users.

Seeing the back, there will always be some dry goods benefits. Currently

Kitchen shoes that reach the national standard non -slip, can not guarantee the non -slip and slipping of the ground on the ground of oil, water and detergent

Essence The national standard is more like a bottom line. At present, it is more internationally recognized by the EU’s anti -slip standards, including SRA, SRB, and SRC.

Chef shoes that reach SRC non -slip, basically on the ground of oil and water, there is no problem with non -slip and slipping. If there is a chef’s shoe brand promotion to achieve SRC, it is necessary to allow chef shoes brand manufacturers to provide inspection reports.

Reaching the anti -slip inspection report of SRC

Choose a suitable and comfortable non -slip chef’s working shoes. Pay attention to the above problems. I hope that through today’s explanation, let everyone know more about the role, purchase and precautions of non -slip chef shoes.