Home, the warmest place for everyone. People can put down all their alerts here to feel the simplest and simple and beautiful in life. Different homes will give people different feelings. Some homes look cold and there are no traces of living, as if it is just a place to sleep, while some homes give people a very warm feeling, which is very atmospheric on human fireworks. If you want to make your home into the latter, it is actually very simple. You can easily use some exquisite small ornaments.



Rockery fountain

Since ancient times, the Chinese have studied feng shui depth, and they also pay attention to whether the meaning of an item is beautiful, so when choosing a decoration, you can first consider what the meaning it has. I believe that most people are more longing for wealth, then you can set up a rockery fountain ornament in the living room. This kind of ornament with a strong Chinese atmosphere gives people a feeling of seeing flowers in the fog, like fantasy and extraordinary artistic conception. Coupled with the embellishment of the waterfall element, it symbolizes the artistic conception of wealth.


Astronaut ball

Astronomers’ decorations are particularly hot this year. This kind of space element always gives a lot of longing, and to some extent, it also pinnate curiosity and awe of unknown fields. The astronauts look particularly cute with the balloon, and the simple and extreme lines give it a high -level texture. It has a good effect on the sofa and TV cabinet. It is also very convenient to take care of it. Art atmosphere.




Dumb bears

When we enter the door, we usually put some water cups, keys and other things. If these small things are placed at hand, it is easy to be lost and unable to find it, so you can place a dull bear in the porch. The effect can also be stored in some small -volume items. The shape of a dull bear adopts a high and low tray shape, and the intention of carefully makes it look particularly exquisite. It is suitable for various styles of furniture. It can get rid of the traditional concept of creating a new life. It has both practical value and can play a decorative role.

4. 4..

Flower Flower Flower


Flowers always make people connect with words such as romance and beauty. If you want to make your home look more warm, you naturally use some flowers to bless, so you can choose a beautiful and unique flower insertion. Sunflower girl flowers are a good choice. Its face value is very online. The little girl holds the sunflower face to the sun, giving a very elegant and fresh feeling. But it can bring great visual enjoyment.

5. Turner


Now the rhythm of life is getting faster and faster, and people’s pressure has increased, so decompression is very necessary. Losits like the downs balancing ball also have a certain decompression effect. Turner will be in 1



° and 3


Rotate between °, and always keep the state of standing without dumping. In this way, it can be decorated with home furnishings, but also can dissipate the pressure of people in the invisibly. The practicality is full.

A warm home does not open some small jewelry outfits, and they are put together to form a sense of style. All of the above are very good homes, which can not only bring luck, but also play a role in decorative. In practicality, it is really impossible to pick any problems!

Exquisite small ornaments, small compacts do not occupy land, easily improve the sense of home style