“Father of Gourd Silk” Mr. Daequan

1. Personal profile

Mr. La Dequan was born in 1958 in the village of Yangli Gang Gang Gangbang, Dehong Lianghe County. He has worked as a worker and later served as a musician. The guest professor of the School of Art of the University of Ethnic University, the vice chairman of the Gourd Saiba Bulu Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestral Society.

Mr. La Dequan is a well -known Chinese gourd performer, composer, musician, and enjoys a reputation in the world’s gourds, Bawu, and the entire music industry.

Mr. Daequan is also the most loved performer who is the most loved by the national gourds.

At 22:03 on September 16, 2008, Mr. Xidequan died suddenly due to the ineffective treatment of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 50.

“Gourd Silk Master” Mr. Da Dequan

2. Artistic achievements

(1) One of the historic contributions: extended the gourd silk sound range

Mr. Xidequan also made significant exploration and improvement in the expansion of the gourd sound range. He expanded the schedule of the traditional gourd from 8 sounds (4 6 7 1 2 3 5 6) to 11 sounds (3 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6), and then expand from the sound range of 11 sounds to the range of 13 sounds (3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1).

This improvement is historically contributed in the history of music, thus determining the basic production and performance framework of Gourd Sibuwu. Now the gourds are made according to this framework, and the gourd silk performance is also performed within this framework.

(2) Historical contribution 2: regulate the production process of gourds

After a long period of hard work, Mr. Xidequan summarized a set of experience in the production of gourds, such as how long the gourds of gourds that need to be made, how long the diameter gourd, the thickness of the supervisor, the supervisor’s supervisor’s The spacing of the sound hole and the height of the sound have accurately stipulated.

Mr. Xidequan divided the gourd’s tweeter into small G, Fit, small BE, small C tone, small C tone; medium -louder class: BB tone, A tone; G tone, big F tone, big BE tone, large D tone;, large C tone, big BB tone.

Editor’s Note: The contributions made by Mr. Zidequan mentioned above are similar to the historic contribution made by Mr. Zhao Songting of the flute world.

(3) Historical contribution III: prompting gourds to board the stage art hall

Mr. La Dequan actively promoted and popularized the arts and publicity of gourd silk, and promoted the music culture of the Dai people. The earliest improvement and standardization of the production process and pronunciation of the gourd silk has completely changed the randomness and category of folk traditional laws. The disadvantages of the tone are not allowed to change the traditional folk musical instruments to professional, standardized and standardized national musical instruments, and eventually promoted gourd silk to the hall of stage art.

Editor’s Note: The contributions made by the above -mentioned Mr. Liu Dequan are similar to the historic contributions made by Mr. Liu Tianhua in the erhu industry.

(4) Historical contribution IV: Actively promote gourd silk culture

Mr. Jidequan has compiled and adapted a large number of traditional tracks, such as “Ancient Songs” and “Fortunately Ban Tao”. At the same time, a large number of excellent tracks have been created, and many record companies have recorded and published his personal performance albums, such as “Dai Dai “Fengshen Charm”, “Passion of Pauru”, “Deep in Bamboo Forest”, “Fever Gourd Silk”, etc., actively performing performances throughout the country and even around the world, making positive contributions to promoting the culture of gourds.

It can be said: Many people fell in love with gourds because of listening to the performance of Daidequan, including the editor



(5) Historical contribution 5: Cultivated a large number of gourd silk talents

La Dequan and his student Li Chunhua compiled the first gourd Sima Bulu textbook “Gourd Silbu Audio Tutorial” and supporting VCD discs, filling the gap of the standardized and systematic teaching of gourds in my country. The silk provides conditions.

Tongdequan has cultivated a large number of outstanding gourd silk production and performers. It can be said that almost all of the students who have built the cucumber today are his students, including: “Prince of Gourd Silk” Li Chunhua and so on.

“Gourd Silk No. 1 Family”

3. Representative works of creation

(1) “Ancient Songs”, ancient songs, arranging: 哏 哏;

(2) Missing, composition: 哏 哏 ;;

(3) “Dai Township Shen Yun”, composition: 哏 哏 全;

(4) “Spring to Dai Township”, composition: 哏 (;

(5) “Girl of Chashan”, composition: 哏 哏;

(6) “Mu Gui”, composition: 哏 全 ,, Bing Rong;

(7) “Bianzhai Express”, composition: 哏 哏 全;

(8) “Golden Autumn Moon”, composition: 哏 哏 全;

(9) “Rocket”, composition: 哏 哏, etc.;

(10) “The River River”, composition: 哏 哏 全;



4. Play boutique listening

(1) Butterfly spring edge

(2) Marriage oath

(3) Yue’er curved in Kyushu


(5) Pastoe


In addition, there are “Passionate Babu”, “Phoenix Bamboo in the Moonlight”, “Deep in Bamboo Forest”, “Yao Dance”, “Bamboo Love Songs”, etc., are all classic boutiques in the performance, limited to space, and will not be listed here. out.

Editor’s Note:

If you want to truly understand the unique charm of gourds, you must listen to the performance of Mr. La Dequan. His performance furnace is pure, just like the performance skills of the flute world Yu Xun.