Although the current earplugs may look quite small, because their working principles need to use membrane and magnets, they are restricted in form and function.

A new miniature speakers abandon these restrictions and may provide more uses for in -ear headphones.

The German startup Arioso Systems was split from the well -known Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems. It has developed a flat, square, chip formation miniature (NED) miniature (NED). speaker. Its size is only 10 to 20 square millimeters, which are completely made of silicon.

科学家研发NED微型扬声器:让耳机更小 功能更强大

The interior of the micro speaker is a tiny flexible beam array, and the length of each beam is only 20 microns. When the voltage of the audio signal is applied to the device, it repeatedly bend these beams to each other. When they do this, they force the air to flow out of the small opening at the top and bottom of the device. The pulled air fluctuated in the ear and was perceived as a sound.

NED miniature speakers are not only much smaller than traditional models, but because it does not have external mobile components, it should use less battery power. With traditional production technology, it should also be cheaper and easier to make.

科学家研发NED微型扬声器:让耳机更小 功能更强大

In addition, by releasing the space in the earbar and reducing the power required for sound, this technology can be installed into the earplugs. These functions may include instant language translation, health monitoring function, or the ability to pay for shopping using voice commands.

NED technology can also be integrated into a smaller and better performance.