After the spring, the spring flowers were popular. It was said that the young ladies and sisters liked it. Let’s start to talk about the matching of leather elements. Wind coat, learn Tan Weiwei style

Cortical items are a bit handsome in itself. Choose leather trench coats to form some basic combinations, such as bonus points, irregular tops+same -material leather skirts. Different materials


The choice design of the top is more important. Black sweater and irregular neck line design break the sense of conventional. The overall looks more handsome. Tan Weiwei wears a leather look, which is handsome and capable.

Attending the event is also particularly dazzling. Black Oversize’s trench coat is really well matched. There is also a layer in the inside.

Tan Weiwei, this black look is not a common person to control. I do n’t know if the young ladies and sisters like black to wear, that is, delicate and high -end style, if you want to control the trench coat, choose high boots or ankle boots.


Black selection of leather design is more eye -catching than pure color tone and more mirror. What classic styling do you like, you can discuss it in the message area below and communicate together. Different materials can be recessed after different wearing. Different styles.

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