Starbucks, Tissot, LINE Friends, Maison Kitsune, Jieshi, A.O. Smith, Michter’s Distillery, toy Barton released the latest products.

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市


Starbucks launched a boutique coffee “whiskey bucket brewed coffee”

The innovative coffee category created by Starbucks for many years -Zhenxuan whiskey barrel bucket coffee series officially landed on the Chinese mainland market. This series is one of the most unique coffee categories in Starbucks in recent years. It uses traditional whiskey brewing technology to use it on coffee. It integrates Starbucks ’baking skills in the past 50 years. The unique flavor of alcohol. In the method of cold extract, it reflects the complicated flavor of the coffee beans to the greatest extent, while retaining the rich wine fragrance. (PRNews, Shanghai, April 28, 2020)

Source: Starbucks China

consumer goods

LINE Friends officially released the new MINI Brown & Friends series

The International Creative Studio Line Friends officially released the new MINI Brown & Friends series. Mini Brown & Friends uses “back to childhood” as the creative concept. The image of Brown Bear, Kenie Rabbit, Sally, and Qiu Ke’s childhood brings the simplicity and beauty of returning to childhood. The new series of products include dolls, pendants, good life and other rich categories. LINE Friends hopes to bring consumers full of cuteness and innocence to consumers through the company of Mini Brown & Friends. Harvest childhood joy. (PRNews, Shanghai, April 28, 2020)

Source: LINE Friends

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

Maison Kitsune released a new fluorescent fox series clothing

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

Maison Kitsune, which has both French style and Japanese style, recently released a new “Acide Maison Kitsune” series. “Acide Maison Kitsune” has a strong artistic atmosphere. The entire series is genderless clothing, and the same models of men and women. The very representative fluorescent fox logo is created by the artist and illustrator Christina Zimpel. Under the rendering of its unique style of painting, it is transformed into a new form. Fluorescence, “Acide Fox” was born under the bold strokes and fluorescent colors.

The ACIDE series released this time continues the brand’s classic main playback, such as cotton T -shirts, POLO shirts, round neck sweatshirts, goblin sweaters, accessories, etc., and reconstruct the avant -garde fashion. (PRNews, Shanghai, April 28, 2020)

Source: Maison Kitsune

Tissot Casen Zhen Our Series Watch is listed

The well -known Swiss watch brand Tissot Tiss Tissoterly unveiled the brand’s new graphic advertising image of Liu Yifei, Huang Xiaoming and Chen Feiyu, the brand’s global image spokesperson, and launched the annual flagship new Tissot Carson’s series of watches, which interpreted the “this moment was born for me”. The attitude of urban life.

Tissot Cusen Zhen’s series of mechanical women’s watches in urban modern design styles show the charm of women’s independence and confidence. It is a fusion of fashion and classics. The 30 mm diameter is exquisite and exquisite. The blue pointer with a smart streamlined dial outlines the beautiful urban landscape. Tissot Casenzhen Our series of mechanical men’s watches are equipped with the eternal Swiss manufacturing mechanical power 80 movement. Even if the watch is taken off the watch on Friday, it can still operate freely when wearing it on Monday. Core “breaks the constraints of time. (PR News News Agency, Beijing, April 27, 2020) Beijing)

Source: Tianguan

Jiajieshi lock white blue wind bell toothpaste new listing

Procter & Gamble’s famous oral care brand Jiajiezi recently joined hands with Bai Yu, the brand ambassador, with the theme of “Locking White Wind Bells, Spring Blossoms”, and released the new new toothpaste of Jiajieshi Blue Blue Bell. Different from other flavors of toothpaste with Jiajieshi Lock White Series, Jiajieshi new lock white blue wind bell toothpaste is selected, 23 kinds of aromatherapy raw materials, extracting the essence of blue windbell, creating a multi -level brushing experience, the paste is clear and the fragrance is long -lasting, and the lock lock is lasting locks. Living in the mouth fresh. (PR News, Beijing, April 26, 2020) Beijing)

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

Source: Jiajieshi

Consumer technology

A.O. Smith launched the top bilateral range hood

A.O. Smith, which has a history of 146 years, launched the top double -absorbing hoods that focuses on “zero escape”. Innovative top -sided dual -absorbing technology can efficiently remove oil fume. One heavy -sized side suction, when the oil fume was exploded, it was sucked away; the two -high altitude suction, captured the littering smoke when the oil fume was captured; Even the big oil fume when it was stir -fry could not escape from both sides. And you can suck left and right.

This top double -absorbing range hood is specially adopted by Evan’s easy cleaning coating. The oil filter mesh, oil cup and black crystal glass panel all have an Evra and easy clean coating. New, saving time and effort to take care of. (PRNews, Nanjing, April 26, 2020)

Source: A.O. Smith


Michter’s ten -year single barrel whiskey is about to go public

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

Michter’s ten years of Michter’s 10 years of single barrels of Kentuck Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon will be sold in May this year. This new product (American) alcohol purity is 94.4 Proof. Michter’s has a long tradition of traditional American whiskey with uncompromising quality. Each of the company’s limited edition of whiskey can be the highest after being cooked, and Michter’s’s highly praised product portfolios include Pochon whiskey, rye whiskey, acid malt whiskey, and American whiskey. (PRNews News Agency, April 28, 2020, Kentucky Louisville)

Source: Michter’s distillery


Toys Anti -Doucheng Sale of Meigao Enlightenment Series

Toys Anti -Doucheng sells new series of US -high products, helping children continue to improve their learning ability and exploration ability in the play experience with rich educational significance and high -quality quality.

At the same time, the toy anti -Battle City has obtained the exclusive sales right of the Mega Blokstm First Builders in China. Through this series of toys to recommend different fun ideas for parents, to further build a category of building blocks to preschool children as the core The game mode and promote the differentiation and growth of the toys category preschool. Not only does it pay attention to creativity, Miko also starts from the aspects of learning ability, sports skills, imagination, etc., while bringing joy to children, helping to train children’s creativity, cognitive ability, social skills, etc., and further enable parent -child relationships It becomes intimate, helps Chinese parents build confidence, and make the game time more interesting. (PR News News Agency, Shanghai, April 30, 2020)

新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

Source: Toys Battle City

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新品周刊 | 星巴克推出威士忌桶酿咖啡;天梭年度旗舰新品卡森臻我系列腕表上市

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