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The technicians make one -to -one correction shoes for children with disabilities.

Red Net Moment November 24th News

(Correspondent Wang Fang and Zhang Rong reporter Zhang Ying) “Thank you for helping us for more than two years, otherwise the family really does not know how to face the difficulties in front of me.” Recently, the fourth The mother of the disabled child Qingqing (pseudonym) said excitedly. It turned out that a few days ago, the Disabled Persons ‘Federation of Luxi County and the technical staff of the Xiangxi Jikang Auxiliary Equipment Center came to the rehabilitation institutions of the State Disabled Persons’ Federation to adapt to the 21 disabled children who were undergoing rehabilitation training in Luoxi County. One of the objects.

At the adaptation site, the technicians conducted one -to -one, face -to -face scientific evaluation of children with disabilities in accordance with the requirements, and carried out on -site molding. Parents of children have expressed their gratitude to the Disabled Federation for their care and help. In the future life, they must encourage children to better adhere to rehabilitation training and strive for early recovery.

According to the staff of the Disabled Persons’ Federation, the 21 children adapted this time, due to the existence of external feet, the inside of the feet, and the drooping of the feet, causing inconvenience to walk. After adapting the corrected shoes And restore the effect of walking function.

In order to effectively improve the rehabilitation of the disabled children in Luxi County, promote their comprehensive development, and reduce their family burden, and strive to ensure the needs of the basic rehabilitation service of children with disabilities, the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Luxi County has actively established the rehabilitation assistance system for children with disabilities. , Visual, limbs, intelligence and other disabled children and autism children and autism.

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