Teachers are a glorious occupation. How important is excellent teachers for students for students? The peaceful students may also counterattack to become a school hegemony.

Whether it is a student or a parent, they are eager to meet an excellent teacher. In the past, the elderly teachers who have been trusted and respected by parents in the past began to retire.

More and more young teachers have joined in, and parents’ trust in them is relatively low.

The behaviors of young teachers will always be questioned by parents.

The respectable teachers of everyone gradually become “Buddhism”

It is difficult for the teacher to find them after get off work.

There is a young teacher in Hebei Province,

I was questioned by many people because I wore a brand -name jacket

Whether the teacher has a real teaching ability, and the net red who is arbitrarily filmed.

After the 90s, teachers of elementary school wearing more than 10,000 jackets were handsome and handsome, but they were questioned in “making shows”

He is a post -90s teacher from a middle school in Hebei.


In his heart, he has a strong love for education, and his description of the paper he wrote is also very beautiful and very individual.

Maybe it’s hard to imagine,


He turned out to be a junior high school ideological and political teacher,

As a younger generation of teachers, he distributed his own heat and preaching to make us more believe that he would become an excellent good teacher, but the comment area has different voices.

Some people question that he is a show of the show,

Before, there was an Internet celebrity resembling “Ren Jialun”, and she was shot in the university classroom to shoot in the university classroom

It was accused by everyone.

Some people say that he is too dazzling. The teacher should be an unknown dedication.

It should not be active on the Internet. More people say that he is “different”. Contemporary teachers are really different. Isn’t this to experience life?

Wearing more than 10,000 brand -name jackets, the conditions at home must be very good.

How can the teacher teach students to take class?

Isn’t it possible for a student to encounter such a teacher? Moreover, some people said that the post -90s are not big,

It is not suitable to teach ideological and political lessons,


I don’t have much experience in life.

For this person who has exposed his own teacher qualification certificate,

It is really a real real people teacher


At the same time, he is also a post -90s guy who loves life.

The daily sun also makes people feel his attitude towards education, and gradually,

Many people also praised him. Young people should have been like this, and some people praised him for writing beautiful words.

It seems that only practical actions can break the secular view.

Is it wrong to wear a brand -name clothes?


The family conditions of the younger generation of students will not be too bad

The reason is very realistic. The times are constantly changing, the level of living is constantly improving, and the parents of the parents are working hard. Students with good economic conditions in the family will naturally be much more than in the past.

Young teachers have not made any mistakes wearing brand -name clothes. Teachers abide by their moral norms so that they are not too much to make people. Of course, old

The teacher’s dress is indeed moderately moderate, but it does not mean that wearing a brand -name clothes is wrong.

Parents should be rational at view of things,

Teachers with good conditions at home cannot explain poor teaching ability

There is no wrong condition, and it should not be prejudiced.

As long as the teacher puts his focus on education, he will become an excellent teacher.

As for whether it will affect the values ​​of students, there is no need to have too much concern.

For junior high school students, they put more thoughts in learning, and they will not pay much attention to these external things.

What’s more, the teacher does not focus on emphasizing dressing.

There are these prejudices, Lord


If parents are not very relieved to young teachers,

Compared with the different styles of the old teachers in the past, it is difficult to accept for a while.


What should parents think of “young teachers” that are completely different from the “old teacher” style?


Parents look at young teachers and should not have personal prejudice.

Put attention to the teacher’s teaching ability,

Not external conditions.


Teachers are the groups that have received much attention. Once a teacher with an individual inaction is exposed, parents will have a fierce response.

Worried that your child will encounter such a non -moral teacher

It is easy to expand and seriously expand small things.


Parents should use an objective attitude to treat young teachers

Can’t deny the entire group because of the inaction of individual teachers, which is very unfair to the teacher.

Parents’ trust in young teachers is low,

Over time, young teachers will feel chilling

This is one of the reasons why the “Buddhist” teachers have increased.

You should look at young teachers with an objective attitude,

Can’t be a bit windy, just question the teacher’s ability,

Regardless of the blue and red soap, he complained.

If the teacher really does something wrong, you should first communicate with the teacher, deal with it calmly, and make small things. If there is no misunderstanding, it is best to deal with it in time. This should be the correct teacher and parents. The way to get along will be better for students.


Today’s topic: “Young 90s teachers wear more than 10,000 brand -name jackets”, do you think it is wrong?

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