1. Foreword: Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus Published

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

In recent years, full -screen mobile phones have become mainstream. The 6 -inch full -screen has been able to meet the daily use of users. The advantages of the tablet are gradually moving. Among mobile phone manufacturers, only first -line factories such as Apple Samsung are still launching new tablets. After the three generations, Xiaomi removed the tablet category at Xiaomi Mall. At that time, many media speculated that Xiaomi may launch the tablet market.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

On June 25 this year, Xiaomi launched the fourth-generation tablet, overthrowing the outside world speculation. It uses an 8-inch screen, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE chip, equipped with a 6000mAh battery, and provides Wi-Fi version and 4G LTE versions. Its positioning is clear and clear It is for video entertainment, for heavy watching users.

Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus

Compared with the first three generations of tablets, Xiaomi Tablet 4 came into contact with the new threshold, positioned the tablet to audio and video, and exerted to this direction. The 6000mAh battery, rich video resources, etc. are proof. Therefore, in a sense, Xiaomi Tablet 4 is more like a rolling of soil, which is another attempt for Xiaomi to the tablet market.

Two months later, Xiaomi was on the shelves 4 PLUS, as the name suggests, larger than Xiaomi tablet 4 screens and batteries. At the same time, it takes into account Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.

We have recently received Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus. Although Xiaomi Tablet 4 has been tested before, the former performance is more prominent in watching movie viewing.

Parameter configuration table

2. Appearance: 10.1 -inch screen+ultra -narrow border body is round and not hand

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus has two versions of 4GB RAM+64GB ROM and 4GB RAM+128GB ROM, which provides two colors of gold and black. The author’s hand is the black 4GB RAM+128GB ROM.

↑↑↑ Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus packaging

It is not much different from Xiaomi Tablet 4 packaging. The packaging of Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is more Plus next to the number 4.

↑↑↑ The front of the tablet

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus uses a 10.4 -inch screen on the front with a vertical ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of 1920*1200. It is the same as Xiaomi Tablet 4. Although it is not a little regrettable on the 2K, considering its comprehensive price, and this distinguished resolution The rate is not to produce a grainy, and it can also be accepted.

In addition, the 10.1 -inch advantage is more obvious than the equipment below 8 inches.

↑↑↑ The front of the tablet, its border is designed with ultra -narrow border

↑↑↑ The top of the front is a 5 -megapixel camera

↑↑↑ The corner of the aircraft is carried out on the corner of the machine to make it round

↑↑↑ The home key at the bottom of the front

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Compared with Xiaomi Tablet 4, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus has a home button on the front, supporting fingerprint recognition, and you can touch the main menu.

↑↑↑ The back of the tablet

↑↑↑ The back of the tablet is a 13 -megapixel camera

↑↑↑ The bottom is the USB Type-C interface, and the speaker and the main microphone, using a full-symmetrical design

↑↑↑ The top of the tablet is 3.5mm headphone jack and auxiliary microphone

↑↑↑ volume key and power key

↑↑↑ SIM card slot

3. Performance: The level of the Snapdragon 660 AIE near the flagship mobile phone

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE chip, Snapdragon 660 AIECPU part is an octa -core Kryo 260, and its highest frequency is 2.2GHz. This is also the first appearance of the Qualcomm 6 Series SOC with the autonomous architecture. The GPU of the Snapdragon 660 AIEADRONO 512 and the baseband of the X12 LTE can double the data throughput, and its 14nm process process can optimize the battery life while ensuring the full -scale firepower.

In order to test the actual performance, the five test software of Antutu, Geekbench, GFXBench, PCMark, and Rybench were selected here to test the Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus.

1. Anutu test

Introduction to Antutu: The number of mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tools in the world can comprehensively examine all aspects of equipment, including user experience, and perform visual ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Antutu’s running score will provide a total score and multiple sub -items.

① The total performance reflects the comprehensive performance of the equipment.

② 3D score represents GPU graphics performance and gaming performance.

③ UX score represents the user experience, that is, the performance in daily use.

④ CPU score represents the CPU computing power and multi -core type.

⑤RAM performance represents the system’s memory size and the degree of system optimization.

↑↑↑ Anbutu evaluation running points

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus Antutu is divided into about 140,000, standard Snapdragon 660 AIE performance.

2. PCMARK test

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Introduction to PCMARK: PCMARK is a test software based on the comprehensive performance of the whole machine. It can accurately reflect the daily processing performance of mobile phones. Multiple daily testing scenes, such as web browsing, video editing, documentation writing, picture editing, etc., and can be possible Perform battery battery life.

It should be noted that PCMARK’s running bias is energy consumption ratio, that is, the higher the mobile phone score with a more balanced power consumption and performance.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

↑↑↑ pcmark running points

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Xiaomi Tablet 4 PLUS’s PCMark runs 6070, which is not much different from the flagship model currently equipped with the Snapdragon 660 AIE.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

3. Androbench

ANDROBENCH Introduction: Androbench is a reference test application that can measure the 4K of Android devices


Storage and storage performance, including internal or external storage.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

↑↑↑ Androbench running points

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus ran about 275MB/s for reading speed, standard EMMC 5.1 performance.

4. Use experience: 10.1 -inch screen advantage obviously uses big vision everyday

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus uses a 10.1-inch screen. In terms of viewing and vision, it has improved compared to the 8-inch version, and supports LTE. Even if there is no Wi-Fi environment, it can be observed normally. Xiaomi is also very intimate. When purchasing Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus, a rice noodle card can be used, which can be used unlimited for 1 yuan and 1 day.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Here, the mobile phone with a screen ratio of 18: 9 is compared with the Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus.

↑↑↑ Play video comparison

↑↑↑ Reading experience

↑↑↑ Game experience

↑↑↑ Brush Weibo

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Compared with the mobile phone screen, the 10.1 -inch screen advantage is very obvious. For example, in terms of reading, swiping Weibo and other pages, it can be displayed more than small screens, and it is especially suitable for audiovisual entertainment. It has become larger and there are always users who have pursuing large screens. In the experience of Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus, with the 10.1 -inch screen, it is good to meet the needs of the above group.

5. Charging battery life: 18 hours with 8620mAh battery PCMARK battery life

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is equipped with a 8620mAh battery. Compared with the 6000mAh of Xiaomi Tablet 4, it has increased by nearly 3000mAh, which also means that the battery life is further improved on the basis of improving the screen size.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

We use online videos to play for 30 minutes, continuous games for 30 minutes, and PCMark software to test its battery life.

1. PCMARK endurance test

↑↑↑ PCMARK battery life

The battery life of Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is nearly 18 hours, which is not much different from the official watching 16 -hour video.

2. Online video playback

The author uses online video to play test battery life again, adjusts the equipment to 40%of the volume, 50%brightness, and starts to play online for 30 minutes from 60%of the power.

↑↑↑ Online video playback test

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

After 30 minutes, the remaining power was 55%and the power consumed 5%.

3. Game battery life

The author once again uses the recently popular MOBA game “Glory of the King” to test the battery life, turn on the high frame rate and high -definition mode, close the sound, start with 55%of the power, the game for 30 minutes.

↑↑↑ Game test

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

After 30 minutes of the game, Xiaomi Tablet 4 PLUS remains 50%of the remaining power and 5%of the electricity consumption.

4. Charging test

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus supports up to 5V/2A charging. Due to the large battery capacity, the charging time also increases.

↑↑↑ Charging speed curve

After an hour of charging, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus was charged from 9%to 31%, which conforms to the charging power described.

6. Summary: heavy TV users must be carried with them

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus uses a 10.1 -inch screen. When watching videos or daily use, it has a relatively good visual impact. Although the resolution does not reach 2K, it is enough to watch the video in 1920*1200. Can improve screen quality. In addition, compared to Xiaomi Tablet 4, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus has mainly upgraded the screen size in appearance, adding front fingerprint buttons.

In terms of specific specifications, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE chip, up to 4GB RAM, and 128GB ROM, which integrates two functions: Wi-Fi and LTE. Compared with Xiaomi Tablet 4, the performance has not improved much.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

In addition, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus adds intelligent frequency adjustment functions to the bottom layer of the system. It automatically switches to the game acceleration mode when performing games, and will turn on the key to prevent error. Intelligent network speed limits the background application to ensure the smooth and delayed game network.

We did not test the camera of the Xiaomi tablet 4 PLUS this time. On the one hand, the tablet was the same as the Xiaomi tablet 4 camera. We have already tested it before, and on the other hand, because the camera is not the main function of the tablet.

As for battery life, it is the biggest improvement of Xiaomi Fragran 4 Plus except the screen. It is equipped with a 8620mAh battery. Compared with the 6000mAh of Xiaomi Tablet 4, it has increased by nearly 3000mAh. The playback video consumes only 5%of power power, and the game consumes only power consumption. 5%, the same as the official described by the officially described by more than 10 hours.

On the whole, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus is mainly upgraded on the screen and battery on the basis of Xiaomi Tablet 4. It is obvious for the crowd. Chasing the drama watching.

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

In summary, Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus belongs to the middle and upper levels in the tablet. Although there is no fever, there is no shortcoming, and the price of 1899 yuan is also sincere.

Xiaomi tablet 4 Plus

1899元起 小米平板4 Plus评测:随身携带的小电视

↑↑↑ Online video playback test

↑↑↑ Game test