Notice on further strengthening the current epidemic prevention and control measures

Recently, the domestic epidemic has been distributed with multiple points, and cases in some regions have grown rapidly. In our province, there have been multiple local epidemic caused by multiple external inputs in our province. In order to further strengthen the management of the risk -related risk -related risks of the (return), the bottom line of “external prevention input, internal prevention and rebound”, consolidating the difficult and control results of prevention and control, the emergency announcements of the relevant matters are as follows:

1. Strengthen the health management

(1) Personalized (returned) personnel in the areas of the immune -related areas. Within 14 days, there are (returning) personnel who live (return) in the history of Shanghai, Jilin Province and other key areas of immune -related areas. The nucleic acid detection was performed for 14 days), and the 7 heavenly home isolation observation (the nucleic acid test was performed on the 2nd and 7th day). The last nucleic acid test should be “double -adopting double inspection”. The detection of people and the environmental nucleic acid test should be dismissed after negative.

(2) Entry (return) personnel in high -risk areas. Within 14 days, there is a historical (back) song and “red code” person who lives in high -risk areas. If the song will be arrived, the 14 -day centralized isolation medicine observation will be implemented (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 14 Nucleic acid testing is performed), and 7 Heavenly House isolation observations (testing nucleic acid tests on the second and 7 days). The last nucleic acid test should be “dual -adoption and double inspection”. The detection of people and environmental nucleic acid tests can be dismissed after negative.

(3) Entry (Return) personnel in the central risk areas. Within 14 days, there is a historical (return) song and “yellow code” person who lives in the history of the region in the risk area. If the song is arrived, the seven -day concentration isolation medicine observation will be implemented (1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 days ), Gamu 7 Heavenly House isolation observations (performed nucleic acid testing on the 2nd and 7th day). The last nucleic acid test should be “double -acquisition and double inspection”. The detection of people and environmental nucleic acid tests can be lifted after negative.

(4) Communication big data itinerary card with “*” entry (return) personnel. Communication big data itinerary card with the “*” entry (return) personnel, who will arrive at the same day, must hold 48 hours of kernel acid test negative proof. Detective antigen self -test on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th days).

Note: If the above -mentioned persons who are not resident -home areolation observation conditions shall be implemented in centralized isolation medical observation.

(5) Other (returning) personnel. Other persons in the (back) song must be detected for 48 hours of kernel acid test negative proof, and the nucleic acid test is completed once within 24 hours after the entry.

2. Need to suspend return home

Grassroots grids in various places should strictly investigate the information in the area in the area, and timely advise personnel in the epidemic areas to suspend personnel to return home.


It is indeed necessary to report to the unit and the residential village (community) before departure from the departure person. It is recommended to hold 48 hours of kernel acid negative proof to travel and do personal protection throughout the process. When returning, timely report the schedule to the unit and residential village (community), submit 48 hours of kernel acid negative proof, and complete the nucleic acid test within 24 hours after entering the song. , District, flag).

Fourth, strictly control the risk of gathering activities

Strictly controlling clustering activities will cancel large -scale gathering activities such as literary and artistic performances, sports events, exhibition promotions, training lectures, and religious activities, reduce the frequency of the market, and control the traffic. Strictly controlling various meetings, if you need to hold a meeting of more than 50 people, in accordance with the requirements of “who holds, who is responsible, who calls, who is responsible”, the organization or the organizer shall bear the main responsibility, formulate the epidemic prevention and control plan and emergency plan, and report it. The competent authority is approved and reported to the territorial headquarters. Promote “slowing affairs, simplified funerals, and banquets.”

5. Do a good job of personal health management

Citizen friends are requested to consciously abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and take the initiative to cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention measures. Do not go to high -risk areas; insist on wearing masks, shampooing hands, working hard, not tie, less gathering, and maintaining 1 meter social distance; do a good job of personal health monitoring, appear abnormal Symptoms, immediately go to the hot clinic, wear masks during the medical treatment to avoid taking public transportation. Acts that violate the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, refuse to perform the prevention and control obligations, disrupt the order of public places, endanger public safety, or hinder the implementation of duties in accordance with the law, and investigate the corresponding legal responsibilities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Attachment: Consultation telephone number of various counties (cities, districts) and Qujing Economic Development Zone’s epidemic prevention and control work telephone number

Qujing City New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters

April 8, 2022



Attachment: home health monitoring requirements

(1) Place requirements

1. Home health monitor is best to live alone; if the conditions are not allowed, choose a room with better ventilation in the house as a isolation room to maintain relatively independent.

2. Place the table stools in a relatively independent isolation room as the interchange of non -contact transmission items.

3. The room should not be used in the air conditioner, especially the central air conditioner that shares in common with other rooms.

4. In the case of conditions permit, try to use a separate bathroom to avoid sharing the bathroom with other family members.

5. The room should be equipped with personal protective supplies such as thermometer, paper towels, masks, disposable gloves, disinfection agents, and disinfection products and trash cans with lids.

(2) Management requirements

1. Home Health Monitor Management Requirements

(1) Monitoring of home health should be performed under the guidance of community medical staff.

(2) During home health monitoring, its daily life and meals should be limited to the isolation room as much as possible, and they refuse all visits. Other personnel should try not to enter the isolation room as much as possible.

(3) Do not wear masks in the isolated room. Wear masks when leaving the isolated room. To minimize contact with other family members, keep a distance of more than 1 meter when contacting, wear a mask, and do personal protection.

(4) Do not go out during home health monitoring. If you must go out, you can wear a disposable surgical mask after approval by the home health monitoring and managers of the community in the community to avoid dense places for crowds.

(5) If the home health monitor is a mother -in -law, it can continue to breastfeed baby on the basis of doing a good job of personal protection.

(6) Maternal mothers can conduct normal check -ups. Appointments should be made in advance to avoid concentrated waiting, protecting the medical time, and shortening the medical time. After returning home, wash your hands.

(7) Home health monitor with basic diseases should take the medicine on time, do not stop the medicine without authorization. When the drug reserves are insufficient, you can prescribe medicines in the nearest community health service institution, or you can take the drug by your family members to do your own protection while medical treatment. Essence

2. Health monitoring requirements

(1) Community staff shall register the home health monitoring personnel in their jurisdictions.

(2) Home health monitor shall carry out body temperature measurement and self -health monitoring each morning and evening, and proactively report the monitoring results to the community home health monitoring and management personnel to register.

(3) During home health monitoring, if home health monitor occurs, when fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste) consciousness and diarrhea, etc. The institutional report is transferred to the designated medical institution to investigate and treat it in accordance with regulations, and a closed -loop management is implemented.

3. Hygiene and epidemic prevention requirements.

(1) Keep home ventilation, and try to open the door and windows every day. You cannot use mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fans naturally.

(2) Do a good job of ventilation and disinfection in shared areas such as bathrooms and bathrooms.

(3) Prepare food, before meals, and before and after a mask, you should wash your hands or disinfection. When rubbing your hands, it is best to use a disposable hand paper.

(4) Pay attention to cough etiquette. When coughing or sneezing, use a paper towel to cover the mouth nose or cover the nose and nose with the inside of the elbow, and throw the used paper towels to the trash can.

(5) Do not share daily necessities with other members of the family, and should be cleaned and disinfected after the tableware is used. For 15 minutes of boiling disinfection for the tableware, you can also use 250mg/L to 500mg/L to soak the chlorine disinfection solution for 15 minutes before washing with water.

(6) Class, door handles, telephone, switch, hot kettle, washbasin, toilet and other items that may be exposed to the items on the surface of the items, use a chlorine disinfection agent containing 250mg/L to 500mg/L with effective chlorine, and then use it. Wash the water and at least once a day. Use a chlorine -containing disinfection agent of 20 mg/L to 500mg/L per day for a wet mop.

(7) Towels, clothing, quilt, etc. of home health monitors should be placed separately when they need to be cleaned. Use 250 mg/L to 500mg/L to soak the chlorine -containing disinfection agent for 30 minutes, or rinse with water with water after disinfection.

(8) If the family shared the bathroom, the home health monitor should disinfect once each time the toilet is used; if the home health monitor uses a separate bathroom, the toilet can be disinfected once a day. It can be disinfected with a chlorine -content disinfection solution of 2000 mg/L. The parts of the toilet door, the faucet, etc. are often contacted by the hand, and can be used to wipe and disinfect the disinfection agent that can be used for surface disinfection with a chlorine -containing sterilization of 500mg/L or other disinfection. After 30 minutes, the water is cleaned.

(9) Put the paper towels, masks, disposable gloves, and other domestic garbage in plastic bags, place them in a special trash can, clean up every day, use 500 mg/L to 1000mg/L disinfection or drugs containing 500mg/L to 1000mg/L before cleaning up. 75%alcohol sprayed to completely wet, then tightened plastic pockets, and then discarded with other garbage at home.

(10) It is disinfected at any time by saliva, sputum and other polluting items. When disinfection, use effective chlorine 500mg/L to 1000mg/L with chlorine disinfectant, 75%alcohol or other disinfection agents for surface disinfection Wipe the water after minutes. A large amount of pollutants should be used to use a one -time water absorption material (dry towel) to be completely covered with a sufficient amount of 5000mg/L to 10000mg/L ingotic disinfection agent to disinfect the water absorption material, and the effect is more than 30 minutes. Be careful to remove it. Use 500mg/L to 1000mg/L to rub (drag) the surface of the pollution and the surroundings of 2 meters. Treatment of pollutants should bring gloves and masks. After processing, we should bathe and change clothes.

4. Psychological assistance and social work service requirements.

Inform home health monitor psychological assistance hotline phone numbers, provide psychological support, psychological guidance and other services, alleviate the negative emotions of personnel, prevent and reduce the psychological difficulties caused by the epidemic, and prevent extreme events caused by psychological pressure. When a home health monitor is found to have mental hygiene problems, it is timely to refer to the counterpart health medical institution.

5. Staff or accompanying personnel requirements.

(1) Community home health monitoring and management personnel shall conduct training such as daily hygiene and protection knowledge and relevant requirements during the protection of home health monitor and their joint residence.

(2) Community home health monitoring and managers can find out the situation of home health monitoring personnel. If it is a fragile group such as a separate residence or an old man, it should provide the necessary help in life.

(3) When the community home health monitoring and management personnel or accompanying personnel contact the home health monitor, when dealing with the surface of their pollutants and pollutants, they should be self -protection. Gloves, instead of keeping a distance of more than 1 meter. If the transshipment patient or other work needs to be in close contact with the home health monitor, we should wear the N95 mask.

(4) Any direct contact with the home health monitor, or after leaving its living space, prepare food, before meals, wearing gloves, before and after removing gloves.

(5) Disinfection of the lives and stairs of home health monitoring personnel every day. At least once the garbage is cleaned, it is cleaned in time.

(6) Persons with basic diseases and elderly people cannot be accompanied by those who are children, maternal mothers, semi -self -care and self -care.

(3) Lift the quarantine conditions

7 Heavenly House Health Monitoring personnel can relieve home health monitoring on the first, 3, 5, and 7 days.

Source: Palm Spring City