#What to wear today#




Wear in our daily life,

Appearance rate


It is still relatively high. In order to better meet the demand for temperature in winter, more often the mix is ​​to change the fabric of the trousers to

Mao woolen style.

Not only can it keep warm, but also

Improve the texture

Therefore, the warmth of warmth in winter is recommended. It is recommended to start with woolen trousers to learn so high and advanced.

Let me introduce to you what fashionable woolen worship trousers wear.

Basic types of Mao woolen trousers

Loose straight style

The simplest loose, the straight version must be

Pear body

It is the good heart of the girls, and it is also suitable for friends with leg -type bending or thicker legs.


Strengthen the atmosphere

If you, you can also choose to


Method, combination

Blocking sweater.

It is worth mentioning that the belt treatment of the waist can also be added with one

Small shoulder bag

It is also very convenient to go shopping.

S three -dimensional nine -point pants style


Choosing a nine -point suit -type woolen woolen pants, the proportion of the length of the emphasis can be largely combined with the standard


Model figure.

Especially the combination of a pair of pointed high heels can also be achieved

Sexy taste


And if you want to satisfy you, ordinary gray -black nine -point type


Can bring

Retro and special

a feeling of.

Design of elastic belt

In many types of design, most of the pants heads of Mao Shi suit pants are unsatisfactory.

Type of belt

In fact, it is not big, and everyday is also daily

More procrastinating.

Friends can directly choose elasticity

Belt design

, Especially the belt can also be combined according to personal preferences.


To improve fashion.

Straight puppet dress

When we choose Mao woolen trousers to match

Medium and high

When the leather boots, due to the style of leather pants


Not a special self -cultivation

, There will be some combination


At this time, Xiaobian recommends that everyone is better to choose a more loose

Straight type,


You can directly cover the leather boots

the top half

The rear ends that are emphasized can also be unexpected surprises.

Especially matching

High -waist pants type

It can enhance the atmosphere.

Jumpsuit leg style

Putting the trousers into the leather boots is more suitable for creating

Hip -hop wind

The taste, especially the style of the mid -to -high tube, will be obvious in combination


Cool handsome

Street style

Come on.

If you want to design

More natural

After a little effect, after we stuffed the tail of the pants into the leather boots, we can lift some slightly along the edge of the boots, and the loose effect created will also

More casual.

Classic black and white plaid

In recent years, the fashion circle is very popular


At the same time, with the current flow, we can highlight ourselves by choosing a different color matching



Essence The most classic black and white combination is actually always

Can’t be out of date

, Simple and gentle feeling will be light to match

Literary style.

In addition, friends can also consider the combination of light gray and dark gray, only to satisfy



The effect is good.

British style color stripe design

In our color selection, the incidental color is more, and you can also show youth.

A sense of vitality.

For example, we can choose a multi -color tone to combine

Stripe design

It is recommended to refer to the rainbow color system to choose.


And the hue we choose is fine

More stable


This will be more natural. But also pay attention to the best color

Do not exceed three.

Tight pants version

The version design of the tight pants is more suitable for

As a base

, Especially with long coats or combination with skirts

Classic shape

You can also


As a base

More close

The version of the version design needs to be prominent when choosing the fabric

Elasticity and texture.

At this time, with the method of congestion feet, it will be matched with high boots


Long mopped pants type

The style of the mop floor

High waist pants

The effect will be better. Except for Xiaobian, I repeatedly emphasized before


Mop length

In addition, friends can also boldly try to loosen tightly

Barrier pants type.

Especially at the tail of the mopped trousers to do an expansion processing meeting

More colorful.

Simply match with a close -fitting coat and windbreaker jacket to form



Folding trousers

If there are friends who want

Pull the height ratio,

I feel mop -up style

More sloppy

If you, you may wish to use a special way of dressing at this time


Emphasize details.

For example, folding the small area of ​​the trouser tail together, simple and fan -like

Quite advanced

I think I can add some slightly to the tail of the trousers

Speaking design,

Walking will be much more convenient.

With long boots

Knowing that there are friends who like to wear and grow up


Boots. In fact, the design of this style can help us cover up

Line of the calf,


It can also improve

The ratio of the leg.

Choose long Mao woolen trousers to make one


The method of wearing, or it can be selected directly

Short trousers

, Match with tight leggings to create

Disappear in the lower body

The effect, long legs are absolutely proper.

Fashion match for Mao woolen trousers

Look1: three -dimensional black suit with hair pants

The simplest set choice can take one directly


The suit is matched, and the low -key and calm black system belongs to

Daily commuting


Pay attention to the element of the shoulder pads, you can also add a belt to the waist to change

Sense of fashion

Essence A ribbon with a ethnic style on the neck can improve


Look2: Retro -style vest shirt with hair woolen trousers

Want to emphasize the whole

England retro

Style, choose vest shirts, checkered coats, and woolen trousers. The combination of these are completely a whole.

Especially in the choice of color tones, there can be from the inside out


Comparison, there will be more


Especially the vest of the bottom can choose a light light color system to match.

The brown and yellow design extended to the selection of pants and the red and black tone of the coat selection

CP is also super strong.

Look3: hollowing out fashion sweaters with suit pants

Choose an ordinary



The sweater can be made in all parts of the entire item

Empty design

This can highlight the clothes that emphasize the bottom.

We can choose some fancy when choosing a base clothes


Gorgeous printing

, Small area of ​​exposure

No need to worry about it too complicated.

Directly paired with one


Mao Ning suit pants can be transformed into airport stars.

Don’t keep warm in winter pants? Change to the woolen material

Warm and textured,

Health girls are indispensable. The worship worships recommended for everyone in this issue is over here. Interested friends must try it.

Just master

Mao woolen trousers wear

Who is not a delicate little fairy?