Mother generations do not recommend trying too personalized matching. Simple and classic wearing formulas are the best choices, such as sweater+over -knee skirt. This pair can glow and heat in multiple seasons, and can also show the elegance and softness belonging to the mothers to the extreme.

And the matching style of the sweater and the knee skirt is not only elegant and gentle, but different shoes can show different effects. So which shoes are more suitable for mothers? When my mother is wearing a “sweater+over -the -knee skirt”, it is recommended to wear these pairs of shoes and wear fashion temperament. Let’s take a look!

1. Shoes

If you want to show his temperament with the help of shoes, it is actually very simple. As long as you choose the style of shoe and boots with the same style as the sweater, the style of the knee skirt or the different style attributes, you can basically get rid of the old age.

Of course, the specific application method is used, and the requirements of different skirts have different requirements for shoes.

When you meet a sneaker with a knee skirt, it is a casual fashion and young fashionable essence. If you are worried about the old -fashioned style, you can use a pair of white sneakers to create a good state of youth.

In addition, if the skirt we wear is sweet, the light pink lace skirts such as the right, or small floral skirts and wave dot skirts, then choosing a pair of white sneakers can neutralize the extra sweetness in the shape , Gentle and casual.

When wearing sweaters and knee skirts, not how to match the shoes, it looks good, and the sneakers are inadequate. Only by echoing the overall dress can the texture of the sneakers reach 100 %.

Like a loose skirt and ankle skirt, it is recommended to combine daddy shoes. The color is consistent with the skirt or sweater, and the shape is even more unique. Skin -white shoes or canvas shoes are recommended in a half skirt near the calf belly, light and agile.

2. Martin boots

We also said earlier that when the partner is paired with shoes, as long as you grab the element of style, you can wear a sweet and cool style that is different from gentle, then try Martin boots.

The status of Martin boots in the fashion circle should not be underestimated. From the Korean street to Japan’s miscellaneous wear, and to the streets of Europe and the United States, everyone can find the figure of Martin boots. This kind of boots are not only handsome and stylish, but also the smooth boots can also stretch their legs.


It collided with the gentle winds of sweaters and skirts, which even increased the sense of fashion to 100 %.

It is not recommended that mothers choose color Martin boots. The short black is the most classic and practical. It is born with a loose skirt and a light material with a light material.


The complex and fancy color matching will interfere with the sight. Moms must choose a sweater, skirt, bag or hat that can echo with black Martin boots.

Third, pointed shoes

If you are not very interested in leisure fashion or sweet and handsome, then sweater+over -knee skirt+pointed shoes can express elegant and intellectual ways, which will definitely make you gain.

There are many forms of sweater and knee skirt. It is recommended to use a loose sweater with an umbrella or pleated skirt with pointed shoes to create an elegant and lazy tone.

With the blessing of cortical pointed shoes, the procrastination feels swept away in an instant, wearing an elegant and intellectual goddess fan.

Most pointed shoes have the effect of extending leg lines. If your head is short, you can also use pointed and thick heels to further shape the slender long leg line.

When the tone of the dressing is mainly simple and elegant, intellectual beauty, the color of the color should not be too much. Like pointed shoes, it may be smooth with the sweater or over -knee skirt, simple and advanced.

Fourth, pointed fine heel boots

It is also a pointed design. The fine heels are more feminine than pointed shoes, and the fine boots are more in line with winter and spring season. It is the best choice for mothers.


When the sweater is relatively loose, it is easy to wear a five -five -point effect with an umbrella skirt or a loose pleated skirt. At this time, the mothers may wish to choose the fine -fled boots with a pointed design.

In addition to being able to stretch the legs, pointed and fine -looking boots can also emphasize gentle and intellectual mature femininity.


Five, thick heel boots

Sweats, knee skirts and boots are a universal combination, provided that the length of the boots should not be too long, and the boots that exceed the calf belly are quite out of place.


Although there are many ways to wear in Japan, ordinary people are not easy to control.

You can choose more thick -heeled boots. With the help of boots and boots to create slender and long -sleeved leg lines, the temperament is stable.


Conclusion: For mothers and women, choose a pair of fashionable and beautiful shoes, which can definitely have an excellent modification effect, so that the clothing products will rise straight, like wearing sweaters+knee skirts, these pairs of shoes above are more suitable for us If you like it, try it quickly!


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