The three -lived companion itself is a shop for Chinese -style Chinese style hand -painted canvas shoes, which is a carrier and approach to inherit the culture.Therefore, I use the traditional gouache and watercolor to combine classical historical stories or myths and legends to express the life experience and beautiful love of the protagonist.I think maybe in this form to make the shoes fill the color from blank to the color, from ordinary to full soul.Become a pair of shoes that talk about thousands of years.


I like the hand -made hand -made hand -made Japanese anime, maybe because of the meticulous and intentional production.So at the beginning, I was very delicate and meticulous in all aspects of design, because I wanted to bring you different Hanfu shoes, different from ordinary Hanfu shoes, changed the shortcomings of no large size, inconvenient walking, and difficulty in matching.So I chose to use canvas to tell the story.So in the Double Eleven period, we will launch a 7.9 % discount of two discounts. Don’t miss it.