[Truck House Original] With the rise of the new generation of user groups, coupled with the changes in the transportation environment and the implementation of various new regulations policies, the main characteristics and core demands of heavy truck users have undergone a series of changes. Especially in 2021, high -end heavy truck products in the commercial vehicle industry are uneven, but once JAC surpassed Q7, it was favored by many users.

It is said that the marching does not fight without preparation. In the face of the new situation in the industry and new changes, how will the Q7 win this victory in the future? Let’s take a look at the answer by Wang Jun, general manager of Jianghuai Automobile Heavy Commercial Vehicle Marketing Company.


Wang Jun, General Manager of JAC Heavy Commercial Vehicle Marketing Company

● Guide to promote value marketing to create thousands of views and thousands of cars

“User thinking promotes transformation and concentration to open a new bureau.” At the JAC Heavy Card Business Conference in 2022, this theme laid the development tone of Jianghuai Heavy Card in 2022. JAC’s heavy card proposes to promote transformation with user thinking, which seems simple. In fact, it contains a series of changes from research and development to products, marketing, and services.

As the general manager of JAC’s heavy commercial vehicle marketing company, Wang Jun’s experience in marketing is also an example for the company to learn from the industry.

Faced with the more intense competitive 2022 commercial vehicle market, how will JAC heavy trucks be arranged?


Wang Jun said: “In 2022, the company will persist in practicing user thinking, promoting value marketing as a guidance, creating a” thousand -view and thousand car “, and implementing the” 6 one “marketing method, deeply investigating the user’s operating scenarios, improving the product shape Spectrum. At the same time, based on positive development under the research of user operation scenarios, it is best to provide products that are really suitable for user needs. “

The goal of “Thousands of Scenic and Thousand Car” is to truly create a product that meets the needs of user needs. This deep user research, tap customer pain points, and highly consistent solutions for users to customize and demand.

And a high -end heavy truck product born based on the concept of car construction above, is committed to providing users with maximum value guarantee.


● Create the most suitable product for users to surpass Q7

As logistics scenarios are becoming more and more segmented, the core demands of users have continued to change with application scenarios. Corresponding to the actual needs of the user’s vehicle, that is, the changes in key indicators such as personalization, comfort, and economy.

For Jianghuai heavy cards, focusing on user thinking is not a simple slogan, but really the core interests of users. In this regard, Wang Jun believes: “At the marketing level, we must understand the user’s thinking intuitive understanding. We must deeply identify the user’s operating scenarios, conduct research on identifying the scene, tap the core demands of users, and then transform into the most suitable for being suitable for the most suitable for it. A package of user products and sales services. “

Taking the mid -to -long -distance dedicated line logistics market as an example, because the transportation distance is long, the time -effective comfort is high, the configuration performance and comprehensive cost of the vehicle are the main concern of users.

At present, there are many products in heavy card markets. Most of the new products are simple appearance and components, but taking the Q7 as an example, I think it has done what users think about, urgently use households, and meet the needs of users.

Beyond the Q7 positioning mid -to -high -end logistics market, for trunk logistics transportation, 520, 560, and 600 -horsepower engines can be selected. The gearboxes are available to choose from AF and Conominus win AMT.

For the self -weight, low fuel consumption, and good comfort of the vehicle that users want, surpassing Q7 is also in place in terms of details. Beyond the Q7 self -weight is only 8.18 tons, you can do so much. At the same time, the wind resistance coefficient of the vehicle reaches 0.47, and the longitudinal pattern is used to roll the tire, coupled with the Conominus+automatic transmission gearbox, the fuel consumption of the entire vehicle is about 32L per 100 kilometers.

Of course, the cab is used in the quadriceps cab and airbag seats, as well as a variety of intelligent and personalized equipment, which can effectively reduce the driver’s fatigue.

In terms of users to buy a car, the JAC heavy truck provides a more flexible financial car purchase plan. Beyond Q7 has developed a exclusive financial car purchase plan for users since the purchase of a car. Provide users with a relaxed and convenient car purchase experience.


At the same time, surpassing Q7 also tailored the three special policies of second -hand vehicle replacement subsidies, channel recommendations and components, to achieve higher residual value and value for replacement.


Wang Jun said: “Beyond the Q7 heavy truck has completed various strict operational trials in the early stage of the market. JAC’s heavy card aims to help users realize the cost optimization of TCO’s full life cycle through product and services as the foundation. Now, we have made enough market preparations for the Q7 to fully go public. “

● Focus on user thinking to provide users with a full range of value experience

For a long time, the JAC heavy card has always adhered to user demands and core interests, from researching cars to transforming to researching user life scenes and work scenarios, identifying users’ demands and pain points, and providing customized solutions.

For JAC heavy cards, each product is from the beginning of market research, product development, to the marketing of marketing policies, promotion, and after -sales service. User thinking sets.

Wang Jun said: “The JAC heavy truck marketers represented by the Q7 must also strengthen user thinking, not only to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the product to reduce the cost of life cycle of the vehicle and create the advantage of TCOs. The full cycle of cars and car changes provides a full range of value experience for industry users. “


Of course, we also believe that as long as we continue to focus on user thinking, the JAC heavy card will definitely win 2022, a victory without smoke.

● Editorial language

For JAC heavy cards, as long as the user route is firm, with the core needs and interests of the user as the starting point, it provides users with the maximum value of products. I believe that users will also give companies more surprising feedback. (Text/Gao Li Min)