Come and come, only one children’s room in the two children, the area is still very small, the family is optimistic. Today, the deep zero Sir dug you a very good design, that is, let the carpenter fight a daughter’s room The same children’s bed.

Compared with ordinary children’s beds, where is the specific?


① Reasonable use of the bottom every 1 square meter

Take my children’s bed as an example. I do n’t know why I have been empty at the bottom of the bed. In contrast to his family, the practicality is indeed a lot. The children’s bed in his family is divided into 3 layers, and the use of each layer at the bottom is clearly arranged. Drag the second layer board, and immediately become a double bed with a height of one height.

If you have only one child in your family, you can keep it for her classmates or relatives. It is very practical.


There is no place to occupy a bed,

For a family with only 5 or 6 square meters in the bedroom, it is undoubtedly a gospel! Then, between the bed and the bed, you can install the wooden board like this, and even save the space of the desk ↓

The last layer is a row of drawers. No one thinks there are a lot of children’s room storage space! Children’s various toys are stuffed in, and the door is closed. It maintains the cleanliness of the bedroom. At the same time, it also plays a great role: it can help us cultivate a good habit of sorting children and sorting. The drawer is at the bottom, the child is the child, the child Sitting on the ground can clean up, depending on whether you want to spend time on them ~


If your home is 3 twins, but there are not so many rooms, it is easy to do. The last row of storage drawers can be changed to a dragging bed according to the needs. Just one bed space can get 3 children’s Sleeping the problem, one bed with one bed, no need to squeeze one more.

② Reduce the burden of housework


After the bottom of the bed was used reasonably, for the housewife who did not sweep the flooring robot at home, the dead end of the bottom of the bed greatly reduced the burden on our housework. From then on, we can finally clean up the bottom of the bed and clean the bottom of the bed. Essence

From the comparison of these two points, if the room is decorated in the room, the children’s bed does not buy, and find the master to play the same one. On the one hand, it can save space, and the other can reserve more space for activity to play with the child … The benefits are too much to count ~