In recent years, with the country’s requirements for the quality of residential residential products, the country’s requirements have become higher and higher,

Traditional houses can no longer meet the needs of modern people on the comfort, safety and practicality of residential products. Therefore,

Rural villa


Essence To build a “country villa”, consider one layer of exterior decoration and structure than the decoration of urban houses.



Synthetic resin tile

I walked into everyone’s sight, because the advanced process was adopted,

This new type of tile is not only

Have good moisture -proof and insulation performance

, And according to the actual needs of the use place, you can meet different functional requirements by adjusting various parameters

Essence So it was liked by everyone.

The principle and structure of synthetic resin tile

The principle of synthetic resin tiles is the same as that of ordinary steel structure tiles, but it is named because it has good compressive and wear -resistant characteristics.

It is mainly used for

Building outer wall, roof and other parts

Essence Therefore, the surface of the material should be protected from erosion during construction, so as not to produce rust spots or drums.



The synthetic resin tile adopts patented technology. After strict chemical reactions and mechanical processing and manufacturing, it has excellent mechanical strength and can bear the harsh climate in high temperature environment for a long time. Show on the relevant information: Synthetic resin tile:


Synthetic resin (EPA) is a diversified alcoholic compound that can be dissolved in water, or it can be oxidized into the air into


Essence These will affect human health

Resin tile

Therefore, if there is a problem of dry skin and redness around you, don’t ignore them! You know, our citizens must choose according to their own situation to better live, instead of just choosing simply or vigorously promoting.

However, there is no one thing that is perfect. It has both advantages and defects, and the same is true for synthetic resin tiles. So, what “fatal” defects will it have? Should it be vigorously promoted? The answer is obviously no.

First of all, from the perspective of installation, there are more problems during the installation process of synthetic resin boards. Due to its light self -weight, it is easily affected by bad weather such as wind and rain. Secondly, because it is adopted

Glass fiber enhancement composite material

Therefore, its abrasion resistance is relatively poor,


Encounter water or acid -base solution

If the contact time is long, it is prone to cracking.

Short service life

Even failure.

Resin tile installation

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and service life of construction projects, the correct method must be selected for construction. At present, the synthetic resin wall bricks sold on the market have gradually become popular. So what kind of wall is the real environmental wall brick? These require us to further explore and understand.

Advantages and defects of synthetic resin tiles

Advantages of synthetic resin tiles

Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Save energy and reduce carbon emissions. 2. Good anti -aging, better durability. 3, stronger fire resistance, better flame retardant performance. 4. High sound insulation and light transmission rate. 5. Beautiful and generous, rich in color. 6, recyclable, green and environmentally friendly. 7. It has good physical mechanical characteristics, no toxicity, no pollution. 8. It is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance


Installation of synthetic resin tile

In addition, synthetic resin tiles also have


Even in extreme cases, there will be no dangerous accidents such as explosion.

And the roof made by it is still very stable, not only will not fall down, but it is more reliable

But there are corresponding synthetic resin tiles


first of all

Smaller density

If you encounter wind and rain, it will be easily blown away; followed by

The water absorption rate is too large

If you want to keep dry for a long time, you need to add an appropriate amount of adhesive or filling material

Ordinary concrete house


Also, because it is adopted


Polyurethane material

This material is very sensitive to the humidity in the air. Therefore, when the temperature is relatively low in summer, many people want to control the humidity of the room at 60%-70%through the sunboard. However, under the hot summer conditions, the dust accumulated on the sunboard makes the indoor air turbid. In order to solve these problems, professional manufacturers have developed a variety of shading boards.

Synthetic resin tile color


Because the slope of the synthetic resin tile

20-80 degrees

The interval, so when you encounter a large span house, there is an uneven phenomenon

Essence This situation is particularly obvious on the walls of the buildings on both sides of the building. Generally speaking, as long as there is a tilt -angle building, there are different degrees of cracks.

On the roof of the synthetic resin material, because its own weight is far from the weight of reinforced concrete, so

Its stress state is more uniform and safer than ordinary concrete houses, which can reduce the labor intensity of the construction personnel during construction and improve the construction efficiency


Synthetic resin house

Should synthetic resin tile be vigorously promoted?


First of all, we should look at the synthetic resin tile rationally,

It belongs to a new type

Green Environmental Protection Material

, Have good sound insulation, insulation, antibacterial and other functions, and also have excellent fire prevention performance

Therefore, it is hailed as

“The most beautiful decoration in the world”

Essence However, if you lack cognition of it or have no correct choice of use, it is easy to bring a lot of inconvenience to daily residence.

Polystyrene foam board


Relevant scientific researchers have shown that before buying synthetic resin roof tiles, please read the contents of the “Chinese House” magazine carefully, understand the characteristics of synthetic resin and its applicable places, and then choose according to their own needs.

Secondly, synthetic resin is not only good for weathering, but also very stable. Even if it is exposed in the air for a long time, it can still resist the infringement of various types of chemical pollutants. also,

Adopted by synthetic tree esters


Poly aminotrophodate

As a raw material, therefore

Anti -aging, anti -ultraviolet rays

The function is very outstanding, which can greatly delay its aging process

Essence These all make the synthetic resin houses both environmentally friendly and durable, and is favored by the owners.

PS Plastic (polystyrene)

at last,

Synthetic tree

Low production cost

The price is also more affordable

Therefore, synthetic resin tiles have attracted more and more attention in the construction field, and have gradually replaced traditional wooden roof tiles.


At the same time, in areas with appropriate climate temperature, they can still vigorously promote synthetic resin tiles.

At present, there are three main categories of synthetic resin materials sold on the market: one is called polystyrene foam plastic, and the other is called cycling/butadiene cluster.

Clay green tile

These three materials are relatively common varieties of polymer materials, but their performance is very different.



It has the characteristics of excellent corrosion resistance and insulation, and is cheap and easy to process. It is not only low strength, small water absorption, but also good anti -aging.

Therefore, it is used to make various types of building structure materials, such as wooden doors,

Fire door, heat insulation insulation board

, Sealing strips, etc.

Ceramic tile



It is one of the most widely used polymer materials in the world. It can be both flame retardant and tougher.

Therefore, it can also be used as a car part or packaging material.


Compared with the other two materials, their defects are even more obvious, that is, they

Prone to expansion and deformation

Essence Therefore, it will cause product shrinkage and deformation or even broken during use.

Although these problems are not completely unable to overcome, for ordinary consumers, what kind of materials to choose still need to be considered according to their actual situation.

Careful consideration, rational consumption

In today’s society, with the rapid progress of science and technology, there is not only

Synthetic resin tiles, clay green tiles, natural resin tiles

Some new tiles are also available.

The most common of them is


This kind of tile is mainly high -level

Quartz sand and clay

It has been processed by special crafts

Great strength, abrasion resistance, good anti -permeability


So what exactly is ceramic tile?


Ceramic tile is a brick tile for roof building. It is compared with ordinary tiles.

The texture is stronger and the service life is long

, And can also play a role in heat preservation

Therefore, the emergence of ceramic tiles provides a great buffer for rural synthetic tiles.

Therefore, when choosing the products they need, our citizens must choose the most suitable for the local climate environment and geographical location. Instead of blindly follow the trend and buy.

Rural villa

Synthetic resin tile

Synthetic resin tile









Ceramic tile