To say what is the hottest this year, it must be the element of floral floral, so today I will bring you the most complete floral dress in history, from the early spring series of Giambattista Valli Resort 2021. Each set is worthy of deep products. Let’s enjoy it together.


❤ Great casualness

I prefer the length of the ankle, because such dresses can cover the meat on the thigh well, and the visual effects are thin. The skirt of this skirt is also a strong sense of vertical feeling. With a thin rope on the waist, it has become the finishing touch of the skirt.

Like a girl who doesn’t like to wear skirts, the effect of wearing a floral top is also very good. The fabric is very stylish. The lace with flowers will perfectly show our femininity. The chemical reactions caused by floral tops with suit jackets are also a must.


This skirt is completely my aesthetic. The light purple skirt looks fresh and rotten, and the style is very unique. At the skirt is the short front and long front, and the aura that comes on the way is also very powerful. Plus the V -neck with the side of the lotus leaf, luxurious and exquisite.


❤ Fresh and sweet


Their skirts are so beautiful. This skirt is a bit like a modified version of Hanbok. The design of the bat sleeve is super girlish. We pay attention to the skirts of the lower body. The layered cake skirts are really fashionable, because the color selection will not look old.

We must pay attention to the style of the dark floral skirt, because this color is slightly old. Lotus leaf collar like this will look cute and generous. More importantly, long and knee styles, the lines of exposed legs will become more seductive and sweet.

Basically, this series of skirts are all light purple. Indeed, this color is extraordinarily generous and elegant, which can perfectly show femininity. The bubble sleeves are also very old -fashioned. The style of this skirt is biased towards the lady’s skirt. It is really stunning enough to put on the body.

❤ Lighty and bright

In terms of lace, they are well matched, because lace has been ridiculed as the popular model of the old aunt. In fact, this is not the case. Like this white T -shirt, because of the silver Liu Sales lace on the shoulders, it seems more trendy. I feel, with simple jeans, it is good enough.

The red chiffon skirt can also make the complexion more white, and the style of this skirt is also very sexy. The V -neck that opened to the waist brings a little charm. It is sexy and unknown. The color can also be controlled by the general public, and the cloth of chiffon is really thin.

The skirts of this summer can really be picky at their house. It looks so good. Each set of skirts can’t wait to buy it home. So, do you have a favorite style on it?


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