Sui Yuzheng stood up, staring at Huo Yan and surprised and surprised: “Aren’t you going on the plane?”

Huo Yan looked at her indifferently, and saw the tears hanging on her face, frowned, and looked like she was disliked.

“Huo, she is your fiancee?”

“Shouldn’t you think you are going back to Beicheng?”

“Oh, your little daughter -in -law is not as good and obedient as the rumors?”

The man who talked was wearing a jacket jacket, copied his hands in his pocket, and a pair of peach blossoms looked at Sui Yu, as if looking at a piece of product, how much the evaluation was, and a trace of flowing in his eyes.

Sui Yu stared back and turned his eyes to Huo Yan. Behind him, he stood with two women.

A capable black and white suit, looking at a pair of royal sisters, the other wearing a pink bubble sleeve dress, looks twenty years old, ladies Fan’er.

Both women were looking at her. The face of Yu Sister Fan Er was high and cold, but he nodded his head slightly, and a little ritual smile on the corners of his lips; the other lady Fan Er stared at her coldly, The eyes were disdain.

They all took the suitcase and seemed to have just come out of the airport.

Sui Yu’s eyes swept through those luggage and found that Huo Yan had no suitcases. Therefore, in fact, he sent the old man to the airport and took these people by the way.

No wonder he did not promise her yesterday to take her to Beicheng.

It is clearly playing with her.

Sui Yu was a little annoyed, but she didn’t take it to heart. She took her suitcase and was going to leave. Huo Yan didn’t stop her, but was pulled by Yu sister to hold her wrist.

The sister Yu was very polite and said with a smile: “Are you Miss Jiang?”

Sui Yu was not used to being so closely in contact with strangers, and broke her hands. The sister of Yu Sister fell into the air embarrassing, smiled, and smiled at Huo Yan: “It seems that Miss Jiang is afraid of being born. It’s. “

This action is in the eyes of others, and it seems to be the act of Xiaojiazi. The corner of the lady’s lips was slightly lifted, and she couldn’t get up.

Sui Yu looked at the men and women standing side by side, silent, but a sneer in her heart.


This man looked at the iceberg, but was a peach blossom.

Especially this royal sister, she is generous on the bright side, but she is overcast in her back.

Sui Yu was still moving and didn’t speak. At this time, a car stopped in front of them. A man in a blue suit and tie on the car glanced at a few people in doubt, and then said to Huo Yan: ” President Huo, you can get in the car. “

The jacket man smiled and elbowed Huo Yan, and said, “Huo Ye, your little daughter -in -law is angry, you still don’t go up to coax.”

The Huo family was big, and Mr. Huo was sitting in the town. The older people who were older than them called Mr. Huo Yan Xiaohuo, or he was big and small, but he called him Huo Ye in private for these one or two years younger than him.

This sound of Huo Ye is not just joking. Huo Yan is low -key, but in the upper circle of Beicheng, he is about the same age as him, and he is stronger than him. In addition, he has always been serious and stable.

Sui Yu couldn’t go to Beicheng, was played by Huo Yan, and was also put on a sister of the royal sister. She was regarded as a monkey. The evil fire in her heart was higher than that of a layer.

She kicked the luggage in front of the jacket, and hooked the evil smile, and said, “Come, lift the baggage for the sister -in -law.”

Then, I got into the car first.

She was sitting in the back seat, her back was straight, her eyes didn’t squint, and she looked like a lady with everything.

After watching the set of cold and cold movements after watching the jacket, he stared at the silver suitcase in front of him, stunned, and did not return to God for a long time.

Hearing that it is a good soft persimmon, it is actually a small pepper, rumors are not credible at all!

The same is true of other people, except Huo Yan.

Huo Yan has seen Jiang Bao’s temper several times. It is not strange to see it at this moment, but the “sister -in -law” was said to be a sense of self -confidence.

Huo Yan looked at the woman’s thoughts, and the man’s body bes over at him, and whispered: “So fierce, can you eat it?”

Huo Yan glanced at him lightly: “Master Ouyang, don’t want to get in the car?”

The car could have taken everyone away, but Sui Yu first took a place, and someone had to take a taxi. Several people looked at each other, and finally watched the woman sitting in the car.

Sui Yu can feel the eyes of those people, and she also knows that the car is not here to pick her up.

But who made them provoke her?

Jiang Baiyi is Huo Yan’s fiancee. No matter how much they look down on her, they have to give Huo Yan’s face and not to take her.

Huo Yan pursed his thin lips, smiled slightly, bent over the car, and sat beside Sui Yu.

The jacket man looked at the other two women: “How about you?”

Now there are only a co -driver left in the car, and there is a parking space in the rear seat.

The lady looked at Huo Yan, and then looked at the woman who was like a mountain, caught her sister’s arm, and said with a small mouth with a small mouth: “Sister Rui, you can accompany me to take a taxi.”

Sister Yu smiled, raised her hand on the back of the lady’s hand, patted and appeased, and then said to Huo Yan: “Mr. Huo, so many people are squeezed by a car, then I will take a taxi with Miss Gu.”

Seeing that they had arranged, the men of the jacket shrugged their shoulders, and opened the front seat of the front seat to sit up.

The car at the airport is not easy to fight, and they need to wait. Huo Yan will set off first.

The car started, and Sui Yu watched the two women standing behind her back from the rearview mirror. She became farther and farther and farther away from her, becoming two small points, and finally integrated into one of the countless points. come out.

The corner of her lips raised a trace of arc, and her heart was a little comfortable.

She touched her mobile phone and rolled the news casually; Huo Yan was also watching the mobile phone, but she was watching the stock market.

Both of them were concerned about the latter two, and from time to time, they peeped from the rearview mirror. The two said something.

After a while, the jacket man finally couldn’t sit still. He turned his body and found a word on his back: “Huo Ye, this car is all on, anyway, you also introduce me?”

Huo Yan didn’t move his eyes, and said coolly: “Master Ouyang is not from being familiar with it, do you need me to introduce?”

Jiao shirt man: “…”

This Huo Yan really hates to die and can’t chat at all.

He looked at another mobile phone. At this time, Sui Yu just raised his eyes, the two of them hit, and the man grinned and smiled: “Xunzi, know, my name is Ouyang Teng, you can call me Ouyang like Huo Ye. “,”

Sui Yu showed a smile, and just listened to Huo Yan as Master Ouyang. In fact, she already knew who he was.

In ancient times, the people rolled over the sword with a murderous gas in the eyes of the sword. When they arrived in modern society, the mall was like a battlefield. No matter how laughing the man’s face, the killing of the wipe under his eyes was as sharp as the tip of the knife.

Ouyang Teng, the only child of the Ouyang family in Beicheng, is unruly on the surface, but the game world is actually a master of wind investment. He once did a case to make him net profit. Sui Yu almost handed over to him, but because some things were not done.

She smiled and said, “Who am I, you already know. So, what about the two women?”

Ouyang Teng confessed that he was handsome and interesting. Everyone was loved, flowers saw flowers, and the woman who had seen him was not fascinated by him, but this Jiang was not interested in women?

He glanced at Huo Yan and thought of something.

The fiance is Huo Yan, but you can’t stare at it?

Ouyang Teng said: “The one who looks high cold is called Zheng Rui, the executive president of the elk group. The other one looks gentle and gentle, called Gu Yun, and also a white rich beauty.”

Sui Yu nodded gently and expressed his understanding.

This Ouyang Teng, and the royal sister, came to work, the lady came to make fun.

She quickly divided in her heart, and then looked at the man who was driving.

His temperament is not like a driver, as if looking at his position low, it is actually a special assistance of the two hands.

Ouyang Teng looked at her eyes and said, “This is Song Yichen, Huo Ye’s special assistance, left arm and right arm.”

Sui Yu nodded again and smiled at him: “It’s all good people.”

Are they all good people?

Ouyang Teng heard this evaluation for the first time. It was a bit strange. He was happy for a few seconds, and then gave birth to a strange feeling. He introduced himself to nothing, but should Zheng Rui have should not be for Huo Yan?

Ouyang Teng took a breath and stared at the woman in front of him in an incredible manner. He was unconsciously unaware that the fisherman woman who was said to be a rural buns led her nose!

Sui Yu looked at his expression, just with a slight smile, and then bowed his head to watch the news.

The car arrived at the old house of Huo’s house and stopped at the door.

The maids in the house came out to help them raise their luggage. Huo Yan stopped: “Just send Miss Jiang’s luggage in, we will not live here.”

Sui Yu looked at him in doubt, all at the door of the house.

She remembered that he said before, today, there is only her here. Haha, is it to avoid her?

His friends are afraid to show people jokes?

In fact, she should have known that it was not the maids who came to pick up the plane, and the old house was not prepared to receive guests. I wanted to come to another arrangement.

Maybe, there are Huo Yan’s old phase of those two women.

Sui Yu was thinking badly, he sneered, and walked inside with his luggage. He didn’t even want to say more.

Song Yichen, who watched on the side, touched his nose and looked at Huo Yan: “Mr. Huo, do you want to explain it?”

In fact, Song Yichen’s father was the driver of Huo Yan’s father. When Huo Xiangdong had an accident, his father also became a paralyzed in that engineering accident and had been living in a nursing home. The Huo family cultivated Song Yichen. Song Yichen was also a fight. As soon as a famous university graduated, he stayed beside Huo Yan.

Song Yichen knows the inside story of the Huo family most, and Jiang Baiyu is more disgusted. She is the old man who keeps.

Huo Yan indifferent: “Can’t use it.”

After speaking, I returned to the car.

Ouyang Teng was played by Sui Yu for a while, and his heart was unhappy.