1. Small three -phase asynchronous motor (closed)

Y2 (IP55), Y (IP44), JO2, JO

H80-355 0.75 ~ 315KW


The shell is closed, which can prevent dust and water droplets from being immersed. Y2 is F -level insulation, Y is B -level insulation, and JO2 is a various mechanical and equipment that is used for E -class insulation without special requirements, such as metal cutting machine tools, water pumps, blossoms, transportation machinery, etc.

2. Small three asynchronous motors (protective)

Y (IP23), J2, J

H160-315 11-250KW

The shell is a protective type, which can prevent debris or water drops and vertical lines with a diameter of more than 12mm into 60 ° angle. Enter the motor to be suitable for various mechanical and equipment with a long runtime and high load rate.

3. Efficient three -phase asynchronous motor

YX (IP44)

H100-280 1.5-90kW

Use cold -rolled silicon steel sheets and new processes to reduce the motor loss. The efficiency is 3%higher than the Y series. It is suitable for the occasions where the heavy load starts, such as the lifting equipment, the rolling machine, the compressor, the pump, etc.

4. Winding three -phase asynchronous motor

YR (IP44) (IP23), JRO2, JR2

H132-280 4-75KW

The rotor is a winding type, which can obtain a large startup torque through the external transit resistance and adjust the motor speed in a certain range.

5. Multi -phase three -phase asynchronous motor for frequency conversion

YD (IP44), JDO2

H80-280 0.55-90kW

Disposter in the Y Basic series, using multiple sets of stator winding methods to achieve the speed of the motor. Suitable for universal, combined, dedicated cutting machine tools, and transmission mechanisms that require multi -level speed adjustment.

6. High turnover three -phase asynchronous motor

YH (IP44), JHO2

Disposted on the Y Basic series, using a rotor deep groove and a high resistivity rotor conductor structure. The torque is large, the rotation rate is high, the current is small, the mechanical characteristics are soft, and the impact load can be used for the transmission of the flywheel torque. And uneven impact loads, such as hammer, shear, stamping machine, forging machine, etc.

7. Electromagnetic Three -phase asynchronous motor


H112-335 0.55-90kW

It is composed of the Y -series motor and electromagnetic clutch, which is a constant torque stepless speed regulating motor. It is used for constant speed -free speed adjustment occasions, which is especially suitable for loads such as fans and pumps.

8. Electromagnetic three -phase asynchronous motor


H80-225 0.55-45KW

A combination of DC disc brakes at the end of the Y series motor can stop quickly and position correctly. Used for lifting machinery, transportation, packaging, construction, food, woodworking machinery, etc.

9. Zeng’an Three -phase asynchronous motor


H80-280 0.55-75KW


Structure and protection measures on the Y Basic series are suitable for occasions with explosive danger.

10. Be explosion -barrier three -phase asynchronous motor


H80-315 0.55-220kW

It is derived in the Y Basic series and produced according to the explosion -barrier standard. For coal mines and factories with combustible gases.


11. Outdoor three -phase asynchronous motor

Y-W, JO2-W

H80-315 0.55-160KW

Dispostering in the Y basic series, we will take measures to strengthen structural sealing, materials, and process anticorrosive measures. Y-W is used for outdoor machinery, Y-F is used for machinery with chemical corrosive media, and Y-WF is used for various machines with chemical corrosion outdoors. It is mainly used for oil, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing and other enterprises with water pumps, oil pumps, blossoms, and fans.

12. Protective three -phase asynchronous motor

Y-F, JO2-F

13. Outdoor anticorrosive three -phase asynchronous motor


14. Three -phase asynchronous motor for ships

Y-H, JO2-H

It is derived on the Y basic series. According to the characteristics of the ship, it is made of various machinery for marine and rivers and rivers, such as pumps, ventilations, separators, and hydraulic machinery.

H80-280 0.55-90kW

H80-315 0.55-220kW