I believe that when many people have been sleeping recently, they have begun to hear the familiar “



It was painful and itchy, all kinds of scratching upbags, all my heart came with that bag of turbulent summer.

Mosquito, this old opponent since ancient times, do you want to welcome it?

Perhaps 99.9%of people will say that they will be over when they die, and blood debts have not discussed.

But when I was sleeping, I couldn’t be so energetic.

If you still want to use mosquito coils to drive mosquitoes, I advise you not to.

If you want mosquito repellent, mosquito coils are undoubtedly a whole night. Everyone knows that it is really uncomfortable to get up in the morning and nose cavity in the morning.


This is because,

The particles released by a roll of mosquito coils are the same as the burning 75-137 cigarettes


And the source of mosquito repellent ability of mosquito coils


Long -term inhalation is very bad for the body, especially women and children in pregnant age, and the chances of suffering from acute lymphocyte leukemia and neurological disorders will greatly increase.


The mosquito -extinguishing lamp is also a full IQ tax product

In 1982 and 1996, scientists used ultraviolet mosquito extinguishing lamps to perform experiments twice.

3.3%, 0.22%

Subsequent studies have found that what really attracts mosquitoes is carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, not the so -called ultraviolet rays.

Needless to say, it is no different from “applauding mosquito repellent”, which is time -consuming and laborious.

In order to avoid the embarrassment of suffering from insomnia, getting more and more itchy, we need to prepare a

Safe and efficient


The method of mosquito extinguishing.


Daewoo convenience night lamp mosquito repellent


It is a good choice.

Silent green mosquito

Daewoo convenience night lamp mosquito repellent preferred

French imported solvent


Japanese pure plant mosquito repellent recipe

Mild and safe,

It is completely harmless to the human body.

When many mosquito repellent is quiet at night, the sound of operation is louder than mosquitoes. Daewoo

The whole process is mute at work


, Even people who sleep lightly do not have to worry about being disturbed.

And compared to mosquito coils, it

No smoke, dust and irritating odor at all


, Rejecting the discharge of the respiratory tract, let you sleep until dawn.

Comply with national security testing standards,

Both pregnant women, elderly children can use it with peace of mind.

A bottle of solution

10 hours a day

Use calculation,

Can easily use 40+ days



Mosquito repellent support supports separately

, After using it, good things are to be able to use them!


Over large range, carry with you

Ordinary mosquito repellent, it can have a range of 20m², it is overlord, and Daewoo’s

The effective range can reach 30M

There are many places where there are many mosquitoes at night, and no longer need to spray the strange smell of flower dew, and take out Daewoo directly,

Outdoor circle 3M 方

The mosquito is far away from you!


There is only one can of cola weight

, Very lightweight, suitable for carrying with you.

By contrasting design, share

White and green two colors

Choose, the superb face value is easy to versatile, and it is not shameful wherever you get.

Simple operation, the gospel of the elderly can also help sleep


The entire mosquito repellent lamp has no blooming design, and the button has only one switch.

Long press the key

Time bright white light, turn on

Long -term mosquito repellent mode


Click on the boot button

Bright green light, turn on

Energy -saving mosquito repellent mode

, Automatically shut down in 10 hours.

The operation is easy to get started, and the elderly can easily learn.


Long press the switch for 2 seconds to turn on the night light mode

After the light is turned on, pat the body lightly, and adjust the lights in order:

Light Light-Strong Light-Orange Light-Close

Suitable for those who need a little light to sleep.

And the old man likes to get up at night, and often turn on the head to the toilet, and it is gone.

With this night light,

Not only can mosquitoes for parents, but also care for their sleep

, Get two birds with one stone.

It will not produce any irritating smell, smoke, dust, and not to make the respiratory tract feel uncomfortable. It will subvert traditional mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid and other mosquito repellent products, and redefine mosquito repellent.

Not only can you prepare for yourself and prepare one for your parents, it is also a good choice.

What are you waiting for? Come in and see it ↓↓↓

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Daewoo Night Light Mosquito repellent imported mosquito repellent solvent plant formula with small night lamp function mother and baby applicable

¥ 139





















Daewoo convenience night lamp mosquito repellent